Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites

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That’s right -- we’re in the process of sending 250,000 additional beta-test invites to Annual Pass holders. Keep an eye on your email and account for an invitation to come test Mists of Pandaria with us.

As with previous waves, it’s going to take a while for the invites to process, so we recommend checking your games list in Account Management to see whether yours has arrived yet. Once it does, you’ll see the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download from there. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and we’re working hard to get you into the beta. We know you’re excited to explore Pandaria and test the new content, and we’ll keep you posted here in the forums when we’re ready to send out another wave.
Yay! Hopefully my wife gets in on this wave so we can play together a bit.
Love you.Thanks for INvite you guys absolutely rock.
got mine!
Wow. Wonder how long it will take for them to all go out.

Edit- Just checked my account. I'm in!
Thank you magic fallen shaman!
Thank you.
Thanks for the invite :3
YAAAAA !!! 325,000 is my lucky number *Fingers crossed
O.O 250k this time? wow
Too bad I am not in this wave.
Hope i get in :)
Where on one's bnet account would one see such a glorious treat. Under summary?
WOOOO! F5!!!
i hope I'm in this wave!
Oh yes!

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