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04/04/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Mogeen
any november AP holders get in yet?

Not in yet. I got it around 11/1.
Didnt get an email, but checked Bnet anyways and there it was. Been playing since '07 but not consistently subscribed. Didnt sign up for AP till Dec. So looks kind of random.
04/04/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Cyberg
Nothing yet, but it's been less than a half hour, so I'm still feeling lucky! My F5 key is gunna fall off my laptop...I know it.

You should watch a movie or something. Just to take it off your mind for a bit.

Check again around midnight(EST).
Oh, I'm exaggerating. I'm actually multi-tasking, so I'm not stressed about it. :)

In a way, if I get in, it will def have it's negative aspects. (Like I'll be up all night playing and testing, and will throw my just-fixed sleeping schedule off again.)
. We expect this entire wave to take a day or so to complete.

Thankyou for the clarification of a time frame :)
WWoooot I haz beta ! ty

Edit: Awesome, thank you very much for granting me access to the beta!
Hello! I brought some cookies for everyone! :D I hope you guys get invited! :P

/Passes cookies around to everyone

Is it sad to say that I know I won't be invited during this wave :(

...Oh well... More cookies for everyone!!! :D
ahhh i hope i get mine plz plz plz!
04/04/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Chelation
any november AP holders get in yet?

Not in yet. I got it around 11/1.
I been under the impression that when you signed up is not the only (and not even the most important) criteria. It *seems* that it's totally randomized now. Well, time will tell.
instead of "i'm in!!!" please post the #of months you've paid for + when you purchased annual pass...ty
04/04/2012 06:03 PMPosted by Mogeen
Vanilla Account, CE for all xpacs. Annual pass signed up for on the second day it was available. Beta. No.

do you have a D3 beta. Thats kinda making me suspicious. i dunno :/

I'm a day one WoW subscriber and a day one AP user. Also got the expansions at launch as well. I was in the SC2 beta, the D3 beta, and I'm just now getting my invite.
Got the AP when it became available. Been subscribed since 12/2005 & no beta yet.
I have had the annual pass since 10/24 yet no invite...gotta love the lies and more lies.
thanks Blizz
I think Bashiok is going to be a raid boss because he just went crazy.

He's probably tired of all the constant complaining.

Everyone will get beta access but the lag will make it impossible to do anything worthwhile.

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