Incoming: 250,000 More Beta Invites

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04/04/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Mogeen
Not in yet. I got it around 11/1.

well your 23 days ahead of me :(

Well, at least we're in the same boat. Let's hope the next 24 hours are kind to us! My account has been active since Jan. '09 no lapse in time. I was a late bloomer!
Wish Blizzard would just tell us if there is a method to this madness of invites. Its ok to just say its completely random, Or you letting so and so in first cause whatever.

Checked my bnet nothing yet argh..
04/04/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Epic
I have had the annual pass since 10/24 yet no invite...gotta love the lies and more lies.

you're retarded.
me to i hope i get mine!, im really ansey
Fingers crossed!!!!
04/04/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Cefca

do you have a D3 beta. Thats kinda making me suspicious. i dunno :/

I'm a day one WoW subscriber and a day one AP user. Also got the expansions at launch as well. I was in the SC2 beta, the D3 beta, and I'm just now getting my invite.

Other beta's don't affect how fast you get this one.
My luck I will be in the last wave. Started in BC got AP first day, still will get in the last wave.
Please divines, grant me and my wonderful fiancé our beta keys. All she has wanted is to make her panda, and today is our anniversary, so it would make a lovely gift, even if you don't see this or care.
Woot Today is my Lucky Day ty ty =)
04/04/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Mogeen
Not in yet. I got it around 11/1.

well your 23 days ahead of me :(

Same here, pretty much. You and me can hang out with Boxerone.
sweet! thats good to hear
Is it safe to assume that even though the e-mails aren't all out, that the Beta would show up on all 250,000 Battlenets? I'd say not...but who knows!
I've GOT to get one this time! Thanks blizz for being quick to send the remaining invites
need mine D: so determined to play
Hopefully I'm in this wave since ya know I have annual pass and all and was promised a beta invite.... would like to get in during all the new stuff and not be stuck on the back end
Hello! I brought some cookies for everyone! :D I hope you guys get invited! :P

/Passes cookies around to everyone

Is it sad to say that I know I won't be invited during this wave :(

...Oh well... More cookies for everyone!!! :D

why do u say u wont be invited?

I got the annual pass but I made this account in 2010! :D

I will get in eventually but not in this wave!

/passes cakes around

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