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This week, the topic of discussion is:

Alterac Valley - Which strategies are most effective in this battleground for your faction? What tips, tricks and tactics have you discovered? What common mistakes have you witnessed?

The battlefields of World of Warcraft are littered with the bones of those who have become casualties in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. You do not need to become one of them. One of the keys to victory is knowledge, and that is where the World of Warcraft War College enters the picture. In these discussions between players, you can learn and share strategies with other players to improve your tactics and improve your odds of emerging victorious from the field of battle.

Are you a veteran Gladiator with countless victories tallied? Are you new to World of Warcraft and striving to improve your PvP skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share tips and tactics, and join a conversation dedicated to surviving and thriving in World of Warcraft PvP.

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War College Rules:

  • Stick to the rules. All posts should abide by the forum code of conduct and these War College forum thread guidelines. Feel free to disagree with each other, but please do so respectfully. When you express opposing opinions, focus on the idea, not its author, their rating, or perceived skill level.
  • Be constructive. The purpose of this thread is to share effective tactics and strategies; to adapt, overcome and become a better player based on current conditions. Claiming that a class, comp or strategy is overpowered isn’t conducive to learning better play and tends to just derail the discussion.
  • No soapboxes, please. This thread is for the community to discuss strategies and tactics amongst themselves, not to push individual opinions about game balance or design.
  • Please limit conjecture. Theorycrafting definitely has its place, but it’s best to keep the discussion focused, on-topic and practical.
  • Important: Please provide explanations and be prepared to provide evidence. These threads exist to elevate the level of strategic discussion on the forums. When appropriate, please provide examples illustrating tactics or techniques you believe to be effective. When using videos please post time stamps to help direct people to the specific points in the action to which you’re referring.
  • Ask questions! These threads aren’t just for experienced players, but also players who are learning the ropes or want to improve their skills. On the same token, don’t attack other players for asking questions.
Interesting :)
Best game ever. Follow the mob, guard a tower, or a grave yard, kill the guy at the end.

Play your class, healers need to heal, stealthers need to ninja cap stuff, a tank is needed for he boss, and dps well, kills things.

I personally think the game is won by having the correct grave yards. I will tend to cap the middle one on my way by, then run to the gy at the end. I will cap and guard it till it pops, then help with tower guarding till it's time to kill the boss.
This is a Horde viewpoint, so I cant really offer much advice to any Allies. So here goes:

1. Have a Back Cap team. The Alliance has it better for zerging down to the boss, while the Horde doesnt.

The best way to back cap, is after we all push to Balinda and the first 2 towers, we have some people fall back to Tower Point and Iceblood and retake them, as well as the graveyards on the way. We keep pushing south into our base, and take out any Alliance there. This will force them into a turtle, and that is the best, and also the most fun, way to win.

2. If youre in a turtle match, take the mines. They can make the difference between winning and losing.

3. Do not capture Snowfall Graveyard. Nothing is worse then re-spawning completely out of the battle, and having to run to get back in the thick of it.

4. If youre playing on Offense, if you see something undefended, say something and go defend. You can make the difference in how long we keep the tower.

5. If you are part of the offense, and make it up to the Allies base, do not just sit in front of Vann and keep trying to pull him out. Get into a tower and defend, because there are sneaky rogues that cap them back easily.
Take a page from Starcrafts books.


Unless you're Horde, then cause a turtle at the bottleneck near Bel. As a Horde, I've never lost this way and as an Alliance, I've never won that way.
1. Avoid enemy - no point in any PvPing
2. Cap RH
3. Cap two south towers
4. Wait
5. Kill Drek

Congrats. You just passed AV Kindergarten.
Please defend what you cap.

At some levels you may need a team to back cap as well.

Hope the opposing faction is not way over-geared. Had an AV this weekend where the Horde killed Balinda then went straight for Van. Game over.
Take the mines, they're very critical in winning the game. Don't ask me why. Just do it.

Next up, Nobody knows about this but Wildpaw Cavern. Try it.
Best strategy I have found for AV is, /afk.
A solid defense plays well in this Battleground. A good group of five or six that hang back and recapture towers after the main group of the enemy has already advanced leaving usually 3-4(of theirs to defend the capture) can really throw off the enemies progression.
I met several people since WoTLK that hate AV, Most of them didnt know how it used to be back in the vanilla days, wich was a bloodbath in the middle for hours.

And now, it seams like its a PvE race more than anything, but there is a way for you guys to have a Blast if you are Alliance (maybe Horde, but I never played horde and never will)

Simply have 5/10 people, blocking the bridge, and you'll have the fight of your life while the 30 others drones rush the boss, You guys, will stop the horde from progressing, and its gonna be an epic fight on the bridge.

LOTS of FUN trust me. The hardest part is finding people to help you, often I'm alone on the bridge asking for a rogue and a healer to help me out there. And usualy when people rez up near the bridge and see all the hot action we have, they join up.

Try it, and tell me about it! =D
since the npcs there havnt been updated since first day of cata ... just zerg
Put AV back to the way it was.... it was alot better... if you don't want a 6hour BG don't Q for AV, with the short time AV is now you can even get Bat/griffin riders out or the Great elemental summons, or any of the other 1000's things u could do back in the day, Reinforcements = BG lost its coolness
So much to do... But people just rush.

They just stay on whatever tower it's necessary, until it's destroyed, then rush final boss to kill and finish.

Y'know, they should get rid of this reward per victories, and instead, give the rewards for how much and what is done inside the bg.
1. Avoid enemy - no point in any PvPing
2. Cap RH
3. Cap two south towers
4. Wait
5. Kill Drek

Congrats. You just passed AV Kindergarten.
If you go for a Zerg, EVERYONE must be in on it, all 40 people. Dont even think about capping, just rush the boss, get everyone inside. Quickly discuss roles- One person should tank boss, and 2 others should tank the 2 tower ppl. Spam heals, burn boss, win.

If you loose over 10 ppl, Zerg wont be able to happen as easily. Zerging means pretty much an all out rush, all or nothing. If you fail the zerg, you most likely gonna loose.

The most SUREFIRE way to win as Horde is to succesfully D. If you can get 10 ppl to D on Galv, it will probably suceed- having Captians is a pretty big help. Have a group of 5 go around recapping, and another group of 5 taking enemy towers.

If you dont have extreme cooridination in the group for this, then a simple rule of thumb- Never leave an alliance place without a guard. Assume no one is camping a bunker, and run inside and sit on the flag.
For horde, camp Galv, bottle neck at IBGY, recap towers, roll up allies in mid, ninja cap towers. And enjoy your victory.

Edit: why are the war colleges never posted on the pvp forums?

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