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Pretty much, just heal/stay in range of heals. We won an AV a couple days ago just because we had 2 people actively healing to horde's 1 and just rolled through every blockade of them. Those 3 healers did over 70% of the heals for the entire BG (the rest were procs, first aid, pots i guess).
One great way to win (but takes alot of people at 85, about 8) is to defend Stonehearth Bunker (or Iceblood Tower) If 8 people are here, they will NEVER get it, and eventually more horde (or Alliance) will come, and about 12 will be dead. If you've capped the first enemy graveyard, that makes it alot less offense, but still easy enough to just zerg through. After SHB (Iceblood), recap the graveyard and Icewing(Tower Point). Do this fast, as less people will be here. Then rush up, and cap Stormpike(Frostwolf) and the bunkers. The only reason you shouldn't do this is if they're on Vaan(Drek); If they're on Vaan(Drek) while you run up there, run in, and focus the healers. Also, it's normally best to let them have the last graveyard in this strategy (or not try for it, because they will probably win it if it's all they have left!) to prevent a turtle. I personally love turtle, but I'm assuming this thread is about winning, not how to make a game be really fun and last an hour.

This strategy works almost 100% of time at any level bracket besides 85, as you typically always need bunkers to get him down. Still, if you keep 2 bunkers at the 85 bracket, it will make it harder, especially if your SHB(IBT) defense squad rushes in there while they're fighting.
For Horde side, wiping the alliance team in/around the Field of Strife while making sure SH GY is neutral always wins. Always. It's a long reinforcement game, but it doesn't fail. No one does it anymore unless on accident however.
I enjoy forcing some PvP into the match so I always encourage capping Snowfall. 1- It get's horde closer to the alliance side of the map and 2- it takes the alliance further away fromt he main line and harder for them to get behind our lines.

Only reason to not go for SF is for the PvE race. ~10 people can easily defend galv and backcap. AV takes about as long as the other BG's with the reinforcements allocated. It's a BG, I enjoy the pvp.
This is a Horde viewpoint, so I cant really offer much advice to any Allies. So here goes:

1. Have a Back Cap team. The Alliance has it better for zerging down to the boss, while the Horde doesnt.

The best way to back cap, is after we all push to Balinda and the first 2 towers, we have some people fall back to Tower Point and Iceblood and retake them, as well as the graveyards on the way. We keep pushing south into our base, and take out any Alliance there. This will force them into a turtle, and that is the best, and also the most fun, way to win.

2. If youre in a turtle match, take the mines. They can make the difference between winning and losing.

3. Do not capture Snowfall Graveyard. Nothing is worse then re-spawning completely out of the battle, and having to run to get back in the thick of it.

4. If youre playing on Offense, if you see something undefended, say something and go defend. You can make the difference in how long we keep the tower.

5. If you are part of the offense, and make it up to the Allies base, do not just sit in front of Vann and keep trying to pull him out. Get into a tower and defend, because there are sneaky rogues that cap them back easily.

This, all the way this. You do not understand how much I agree with you on this. When you hit the 80 and up bracket, it's time to win by resources, not go straight for the boss kill. But even then, Horde will lose half the time with a straight boss kill, because the travel for alli is easier. Blizz decided to make it harder for Horde to win this BG just by the travel. On my alli, I have never lost to a boss kill, becuase if both teams head straight for the boss, Alli wins by 1or 2 minutes.

I have noticed one big difference between the Horde and Alli posts here. Horde is giving straight strategy, and Alli is saying, Zerg, you'll win. And unfortuantely that is msotly true..They allways have about 5 ppl at main base, and Horde never gets the towers at alli base, while Allie's allways cap the main horde bases. So basically, if you're playing Horde, you'lla ctually have a harder time at winning this BG, Alli wins a good amount fo the time for the reasons I stated above
I've done AV more times than I can possibly count. I have done it from both the Horde and Alliance perspective. I have seen good teams lose because of one person's stupidity. I have seen horrible teams win because they got lucky that someone on the other team screwed up. So far, the best strategy I have seen is as follows:

1. Divide your team into groups who backcap, rush the enemy graveyard in their base, hold bunkers/towers til they burn, and take out bal/galv.
2. Always be mindful of what is happening on the map and in chat. If you are near a tower/bunker and they say they need help, get there ASAP.
3. Alliance, never, NEVER take frostwolf graveyard before the relief hut is taken. Assuming all other graveyards along the way were taken, this will cause every single horde who dies to spawn in their base and allow them to take it back with ease.
4 Horde, always, ALWAYS make sure you have people guarding bunkers from the inside to make sure they go down. This is where I have seen many Horde teams fail because they get into the Alliance base and forget to guard the north and south bunkers.
5. Stop infighting before it starts. The team who's infighting is almost always the one that loses.
6. Do what you can do best with your class. If you can steatlth, don't get caught in the middle of a huge fight in the middle of nowhere. If you are a tank, get to the other base and get ready for the boss fight. Healers need to do so as well, unless there is an abundance of healers and you can spare some to help hold towers/bunkers. Dps needs to do just that. There is much more to go over on this, but it would take way too much space.

I can not stress the importance of teams working together instead of against themselves. When everyone does what they are supposed to, you win way more than you lose.
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how the hell do you convince a team to zerg for the 6 minute achieve!!!

Pretty much only way to do this is to vastly outnumber the other team, which is much less likely now due to cross-realm battlegrounds. Remember though that the first 2 minutes of the game timer don't count because that's actually the preparation time. When the match starts, it will already be at 2 minutes, so you actually have until it says 8.
04/04/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Dathios
I always wondered... was the Field of Strife meant to be a site of major battle? In every Alterac Valley battle I've ever been in, it's a pretty desolate place and only a point of transition.

The idea was that the Field of Strife is where the majority of the conflict takes places, as both sides have their starting towers and graveyard intact for long periods of time as they throw themselves endlessly into each other in the middle. Elites and rezzers prevented players from just skipping past to the end. Wing commanders would specifically target the field of strife as that's where the majority of the players were located, as well as where the Ice and Forest Lords were summoned.

Now it is just a road.
As Ally DPS:

1) While in prep phase in cave, always hit Time Warp/Hero. It gets the party going. Also, emote the "you've been marked afk" for extra bonus. If DK, make sure to buff group with Path of Frost, very valuable in the frozen wastes of AV. This could also be a good time to put on pvp gear (see point #2).

2) When gate opens, you need to stay with the zerg pack. Go on auto-follow; use 30 seconds to Galv (real name Galvangar) to grab favorite beverage from fridge. You must be with the pack. If you fall behind, you could be forced into a pvp situation by similarly late Horde players on the Field of Strife (hence, equip pvp gear in step 1 above).

3) Upon arrival at Galv, go into your max dps rotation. Galv goes down quick. As a mage, your faithful mirrors will still be with you as you are exiting his compound. You now must make one of 3 choices: a) continue zerg (go to point #6), b) cap towers (go to point #4), or backcap (go to point #5)

4) Follow pack again. Usually 2-3 people will try to cap the towers. If you feel brave, join them at the top. Wait for 2 minutes until tower is capped. Spam an aoe to discourage horde stealthers but no one will blame you if you don't. Look at the pretty count-down timers tick away. Often, Horde will send people to backcap so having pvp gear on is still useful here. There might be some pvp action which Ally usually loses as Horde backcaps in larger numbers than we defend. When you die, go to keep and party at Vann's to get your defender achievement.

5) You decide to backcap. A noble action which rarely works if you go by yourself. Better go with the Zerg ( go to point #6). If you get 5-7 other Ally to backcap, join them. That's fun and pvp ensues.

6) Follow the leaders. Rush by and ignore the first two towers. Ignore mines (but always cap FWGY - it is a strategic move certain to elicit interesting responses from your teammates. You wanted to be famous - well now you are)! Run through that Horde town. If you aggro NPCs just keep running until they drop off on their own.

7) Once inside the Horde Camp, another set of decisions: a) rush to the end and cap the GY (this is good) or b) go and cap the tower thingies (this is good too). If in tower, watch the pretty countdown timers until capped. If you capped the GY, run back to the hill in front of the keep. This is also a strategic location which must be held for the success of the team.

8) At some point, someone will call for an "all in". As you run from the hill into the keep, you want to equip your pve raid armor. Pretend Drek is Ultraxion and go into a full dps burn.

9) If you win, you might have some time to do a quick "gj" on raid chat. If you lose, oh well... at least you probably didn't die.
Ugh...this is what makes any one faction so not right for either of the 40 man battlegrounds. "Zerg, Blitz, Don't PvP!!!" You ought to be kicking yourself in the teeth for even thinking that way. There is no more impressive factor than meeting the other faction head on and claiming your stakes on what land is rightfully yours. Peer into your Achievements, Use a little common sense, and for the love of Azeroth -- READ HOW TO PEEL AN ONION!!!

Offense: Your Tanks, Healers, dps casters, and Heal incapable classes (Rogues and Ferals aside) should stick together like a sinful marriage. Enough mages/locks/hunters can really mess up the other faction's game with enough snares and status effects. One tank to /moon them, one heals to heal them, one unit to destroy them all. Pets will be your forward attack in most situations. Warriors would be prime to stand back and intervene while that tank paly or blood dk plays meat shield. Given that you're not in a perfect world, you're going to have the ret paly or enhance shammy up fighting this battle. No sweat, those who make it through alive should have the privilege of being on offense, right? WRONG!

Defenders are your frontline to land monopoly. They're true business men in the business of the [censored] kicking. If you read through the first paragraph, this is where the Achievement parts really set in. Pick one...doesn't matter which one, just make sure its utility is team oriented. When in doubt, aim for AV Perfection. Rogues and Ferals! There are one of two places that you need to be. Either you need to be making the cappin' happen down the road or you need to stay at home. Preplan this before every AV that pops! I stay at home...I'm lazy, I NEED my chair! Where can you find me? Stealthed and sitting down at a table in Stonehearth Bunker, waiting for the elite to filter out of the bunker, and then I take away their happy little hope of 75 points. Hybrids that can take care of themselves need to stay at home! DB or FW is where you need to be to keep yourselves alive and to eradicate the lonewolves that think they're something as well as the 3-5 mans there will show up in moderation from those that fell off of the Crusader Aura a while back. Do this with the aid of the NPC villagers for the extra dps. (no pun...if you're a hybrid and can't take care of yourself, you're wasting reinforcements by playing Defensively) No hybrid should roll alone, and you will NEED to pass your heals to those who need it, as well as area heals in crowded situations. If you've died and resurrected, you're on defense until you make your way back to offense!

If you're the group that just begs to zerg through to the finish line and wind up only capping 2 towers, if you have the tank and heals to do it -- Do it! If you're in doubt, you'll have to focus the first two objective towers/bunkers. As they are both the first of two "choke/pinch points." This is where you can give your defense the ability/time to really be effective from the resurrected returning opposing force. It's always good to have a few good men on standby the Field of Strife in case of a break through, but your reincarnates will be hastily on their way back to vanquish them so it's not so important anyhow. This is what makes "Snowfail" so great! Once your Defenses have pretty much annihilated the opposition's offense, they need to be catching up to the offense. What was once a "zerg" for the other team will then be a scattered, steady flow of degrading reinforcements in 3-5 man intervals. Hardly any people will wait for the next set to resurrect, so take advantage of that.

Lastly, once the first set of towers/bunkers burn, make your way to the final objectives. Skip the 2nd to last graveyard (as a whole 40m unit) and overwhelm FWRH or Aid Station. This will allow the opponents to split up, and they will in great numbers straight head to play offense. It will take them 1-2 minutes longer to run, cap all the other gys on the way before they even get to a bunker/tower than it will take you to take DB or FW towers over, then it's just a skipping stone back (which a 10 man group may be overkill) to claim that 2nd to last GY and defend it.

Sorry I had to make it so long of a read. In a nutshell 95% of anybody that started in Wrath and beyond won't care to read about the battleground. If you're horde, they'll die and like robots just run north like nobody cares rather than retaking Frostwolf. Allies are the same way with south. The only differences I can tell you between factions is that the roles change your defenders. Rogues are more successful in retaking bunkers on the alliance side than horde on towers. Not saying that any particular class runs the defensive, but horde rogues are least effective in a horde tower when there's 4 or more with a healer in the confined space of a tower. Just my personal experience, a hybrid can at least keep themselfs afloat with triggered healing in tight spaces.
I am encouraged to see so many people on both factions wanting to play a 'proper' Alterac Valley. This means PVP. This means summoning forces. This means controlling the map.

I truly hope Blizzard is monitoring this thread. Give us back the grand scale and scope of the original Alterac Valley.

I'll be on all weekend, summoning Lok.

For The Horde!
For Horde zerg to Bal then leave 1 person in SHB and 1 person in IWB and no one at SH gy. Then immediately plow into base cap towers then leave bunkers empty while every one goes to kill all the NPC's around Dun Baldr. After all NPC's are dead go into Vans room 2 and 3 at a time. Just keep resetting him and dying off 1 or 2 at a time. All this should be accompanied by someone in chat shouting all in while all 4 marshalls are still up. After all the offense wipes itself on Van and we lose all the towers rez in the cave and immediately capture fw gy. Then stand around it for a minute until the Allies kill Drek. Sadly that's how far too many AV's play out these days. My serious advice would be at the very least try to be doing something useful for your team at all times, guard something try to capture/recapture something. Don't just stand around in front of the bosses rooms and do nothing. While just a few of your teamamtes struggle to burn the towers so you can actually go kill the boss.
Im not sure if it has been said yet, but i will go ahead and say/restate it:

On those rare occasions in which neither team loses towers and are mid fighting i believe the best solution is to turn in your armor tokens for a BG wide buff+better guards, and turn in you Stormpike Blood/Crystals to the appropriate npc (Nelf behind North bunker and Tauren in cave) so that they can summon a boss. This boss is game changing on certain occasions, but only if you feed him kills.

As he kills players he will grow in power and gain Health and damage, he can grow to a point where he will 1shot you reguardless if your a tank or have the best gear. Oh and by he i mean Ivus the Forest lord (Alliance) or Lok'holar the Icelord (Horde).

After you turn in enough blood/crystals the npc summoner will begin running to the mid with her entourage. Once there it will take the npc and 10 additional players to summon the respective boss. Once summoned he will begin roaming the middle for sometime before moving north/south-bound. These npcs can break a defense and will if used properly.

This is just my 2cents, have i seen these npc's? Only Lok'holar, but it was a roflstomp march and im glad i was a part of the summoning (We still lost cuz we were low on reinforcements to begin with)
04/04/2012 07:59 PMPosted by Maclarenfi
Put AV back to the way it was.... it was alot better... if you don't want a 6hour BG don't Q for AV, with the short time AV is now you can even get Bat/griffin riders out or the Great elemental summons, or any of the other 1000's things u could do back in the day, Reinforcements = BG lost its coolness

Ah I was hoping I would see one of these posts to offer up the support for. I also greatly miss the old days when AV would last 2+ hours, it was what I thought a battleground should be really and has been the only reason that my main ever only got one of the battleground reps to exalted.

On a side note, I still collect and try to turn in everything I can cause it is always fun to send up riders or even activate the druids for the battleground elemental. Now though the reinforcements just cause it to end too fast for it to even be fun.
I am encouraged to see so many people on both factions wanting to play a 'proper' Alterac Valley. This means PVP. This means summoning forces. This means controlling the map.

I truly hope Blizzard is monitoring this thread. Give us back the grand scale and scope of the original Alterac Valley.

04/05/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Asakura
Put AV back to the way it was.... it was alot better... if you don't want a 6hour BG don't Q for AV, with the short time AV is now you can even get Bat/griffin riders out or the Great elemental summons, or any of the other 1000's things u could do back in the day, Reinforcements = BG lost its coolness

Most have made some good suggestions, so far. Look on your map. If Horde loses a tower, then you have to get those points back by taking a Bunker. Always take the MINES. 9 times out of 10, we win because we control the mines. (Horde)

Dont fight in the middle. Always group together. Look on your map. Always.

Rogues and druids should be heading NORTH to cap mines and bunkers.

Force Alliance to spawn at their base by taking all of the GYs. Which means rush to their Aid Station( I forget what its called). Team rushing north will take those GYs while a team takes the middle GYs. This will force Allies to fight from their base and keep them away from taking any of Hordes towers.

Back cap team will force allies to respawn when they kill them retaking towers.

Thats pretty much it. Dont listen to ppl when they say NOT to take Snowfall GY. The point in taking Snowfall is to force Allies away from your area. Horde will usually win the numbers game simply because most Horde are better at PVP. IMO. Oh, one more thing. Snowfall and Stonehearth both need to be HORDE control or this strategy wont work well. The idea is to keep Allies atf the choke point north of Bal.
I have a 40% win rate in battlegrounds. (Possibly related to my being Alliance.)

I have a 70% win rate in Alterac Valley. (Ditto.)

Talking with other alliance would seem to make it such that my win rate in AV is significantly better than the average alliance player, and as such you'd think that I'd have some grand advice for you as for how to win AV.

I'd say that you're nuts, and I'm no one you ought to be taking advice from for PVP. But in case you're still here, here it is, the great key I've used to become successful at winning AV:


The team that is more successful at backcapping is the team that wins the game. In most of my games, the backcap team is generally between 1 and 5 people, with me being one of them. As such, the addition of only one person backcapping can make a huge difference.

Conversely, this also means that it's important to defend towers. That is, if the other team sends a backcap team at all. They might not--I've seen it happen plenty, a completely unguarded tower never getting recapped.
how is it possible to kill low lvl hunters when all they do is slow you 24/7 and then kite you with arcane bolt?

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