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I wonder if the blues ever read these 'war colleges' if they do it wouldnt take long for them to realise just how broken AV is, and has been for a long time.

That said I think this is just a PR exercise
I wonder if the blues ever read these 'war colleges' if they do it wouldnt take long for them to realise just how broken AV is, and has been for a long time.

That said I think this is just a PR exercise

I'm not so sure about the PR exercise, but of course they know just how broken AV is (after all they are the ones who broke it). People have been telling them this for years

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2952885503 is a great overview of the situation.

As for what strategy to use for the current AV? I'm probably the last person you should ask about that. But the few times I have seen a win we were not just blindly zerging and were backcapping.
After getting off to a miserable start this AV weekend, I can tell the Horde what doesn't work: ZERGING.

Gonna zerg my pillow.
Just have to throw this out there.. just because you (aimed in general) have been losing all night, and can't accept that fact that YOU are part of the losing team as well, doesn't mean it's right to start spamming /afk reports just to kick people out and give them a debuff. Accept your share of the blame and don't shrug an entire teams loss out on the first people to come to mind (rogues, healers, ferals, etc..) as it isn't THEIR fault alone your team lost. It's uncalled for, immature, and ruins other peoples' playing time having to sit through a 15min debuff because you decided to be a rude moron.
That said, I wish to the warcraft gods that old AV be returned. It's a mess anymore with all people worrying about being capping and zerging. The greatest strategic BG this game ever had has been reduced to a 40m QQ session.
Tips on winning? Hope the other team doesn't cap anything after you do and burn the enemy boss asap. If that doesn't happen, be prepared for a long, miserable round of Q-filled bottlenecks that gets no one anywhere.
Fastest way to lose (Horde Side) is to stand around looking at Vann. Have a back-cap team of at least 5 (6 if there is a druid healer) Defend, and always always always Call Incs.
I miss Ivus. Nothing was more epic than guarding the druids on their march to the field of strife to summon him, then watching people scatter when the big guy arrived. I doubt anyone that started in Wotlk or Cata has even seen him...or horde's rock dude. I forget its name...

Anyway, best stategy for AV is putting about 8 guards in a tower till it burns, capping gys on the way south (fwgy should be the last one capped, not rh), and having 5-10 players at least attempt backcaps on Horde while this is going on.

However, an organized zerg with multiple geared tanks is instant win on either side and throws strategy out the window.
I pretty much only BG with four other guildies now-a-days. When we get AV, we go to the Field of Strife and actually PvP. Then we back cap, and have fun defending. Occasionally we summon the big water, raid-boss...guy...thing. :D
Recapping towers in AV is my favorite thing to do in WoW. My personal record is 7 people defending a tower when I recap it. I love it when there are Horde surrounding the flag and I shadowstep into the middle of the pack and recap it and vanish before they realize what's going on.

Not only have they wasted a large amount of manpower defending the tower, they failed, setting back the clock for when they'll be able to tackle the end boss. For many games an extra 30 seconds in tower caps is the difference between victory and defeat.
1.Split, one group will guard the towers, another will attack, and the ast one will be a backup group.

2.Defend the mines at all costs.

3.Don't go running like a madmen, this BG requires strategy.

4. if your group don't follow my rules ( the reality rules) they are a bunch of n00bs.
Bring back the Old AV please. What is the point of all this resource gathering, if none of that is used anymore. Just a PVE zerg fest to see who wins.

This used to be the most fun BG, what have you done Bliz.
You do not seems to realize how much those things matter. Sure, things like the Horde having to kill one more NPC at least and not being able to mount at the beginning might only give the allies around 10 or 15 seconds advantage compared to the Horde. But thats litterally all they need, AV is a race now, 15 seconds is all allies need to kill drek before us. Everytime I get to the Field of strife, I just have to look to my left to see that the allies are already climbing the hill to get to galv. Mind you, in Old AV, this did not matter at all. Archers would respawn and you'd most likely have to kill them anyway and trying to zerg from the start was just plain suicide. But since New AV is not a BG, hell its not even PvE, its just a frigging race then yes, those things matter. A lot.

And here I'm not asking Bliz to change it so that the Alliance doesnt have any kind of speed advantage, I'm asking them to change it so that its not a bloody race. I'm playing World of Warcraft not Mario Karts with horses. Just bring Old AV back already, tons of people have been begging you to do so for years!

I am aware of how much they matter, but I'm also saying that it DOESN'T matter if one person is mentally capable of killing an add with 70k hp quickly enough that it would not effect the time difference. AV doesn't need to be a race, it is in fact possible to recap towers and bunkers which puts the opposing team back two minutes. You can also recap graveyards or even defend Drek if people are willing. Be the change you want to see in the game. :P

You still don't get it, killing that add makes a difference, because as Horde you still need to kill it and then position yourself in a way that the others won't shoot you, Alliance doesn't they just get in and cap it, there are seconds wasted on that.

Yeah, you go ahead and try to convice the others to not go North and stay there AFK watching at Vann, sometimes they listen but most of the times they won't they prefer to sit idle at Vann than really do something.
A few tips I havent seen anyone else really talk about. Go to AV in your realm, pick up quests, do quest for trinket. The trinket can be a game changer if you really want to win an AV and dont mind actual PvP. If you run the cave for the quest, just assume you will be on defense for that particular round. Read the free book from the NPC, it will help if you dont know anything about the BG.

If you are horde, and your team is determined to zerg, if you can stealth, dont stop at Bal, keep going to DB, go stealth on bridge, so as to not draw fire from the archers. stealth into north bunker and up to the flag, cap flag with the pillar between you and the archers, once capped, if the archers do not have anyone targetted they will despawn, dont have to worry about killing them. Unfortunately, this can not be done with the south bunker.

Learn about the 3 NPC's that each side can release, find where they are located, talk to them. They will run back to your base, and take turn ins for upgrades. 2 for each side are in towers/bunkers, one for each side is located in out of the way places, find them, make it a habit to release them, if nothing else, they will create a few problems for the other side as they run back.

Learn to adapt, this BG can be won or lost in so many different ways, with small things able to change the tide for a team, good or bad. A single well timed recap can win a game.

Learn the choke points, there are 2 for each side, some better then others. Each base has several exit points, learn them.

Be creative in your approach, will make the BG much more fun and entertaining. And realize, it is about PvP, so dont be afraid to kill someone.
While we're on the subject of AV, Dusty mentioned the quests you can get outside the tunnel in Alterac Mountains - for players who need 16-slot bags, Blizz has converted the old quiver and ammo bags into unique 16-slot bags that you can purchase cheaply with honor points, for sale from the vendor at the entrance.
In AV pugs, the win or loss is determined by controlling towers and bunkers. 95% of the pugs out there will wait until 2 towers or bunkers are captured before pulling, even if they are clearly behind on the timers. This means that controlling the 2nd tower and bunker becomes key as they can be captured before either the FW or DB objectives. You don't need to defeat the enemy that is attempting to capture the tower/bunker, only delay them for as long as possible. With this mind set I have been able to delay, by myself, the capture by several minutes before against multiple horde (Actual results vary depending on how many people decide to cap the objective, and how good at pvp they are). This gives your side a huge advantage provided the other team doesn't decide to back cap, but as long as you are defending those first 2 towers/bunkers, you give yourself a huge advantage.
Usually I bg with a friend or two.
What I like to do is what I call "The Suicide Run"

It's when you and your friends run to the first bunker Horde usually go to (I don't know why, but the name slips my mind atm)

And you do everything in your ability to keep the Horde from capping that tower before Allliance gets IBT or TP.

So basically, you die defending that bunker.
As a full time Alliance player, i found that AV and IoC, the BGs that require killing the main boss, is easy to win.
Basically you need 3-4 people zerg down to the bottom, cap the west and east tower and the Graveyard. While people that finish killing the 1st boss should cap Ice blood tower and Tower point. HAVE 3-5 PEOPLE DEFENDING IT! since horde will backcap it. Never run into Drek and get yourself killed, that's just stupid as you spawn back to the main base, which ended up as a turtle.
Backcap is important, but defending the tower is more important, so usually the stealth class should "ninja" backcap, while the rest wait for the tower to be burned. Normally the first tower that got burn is IBT>TP>East>West. But with people that quickly zerg down to the bottom and cap the west and east tower, these tower should burned right after IBT and TP burn, this gives us a better chances to kill Drek and win this BG.

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