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Just some vital pointers for Horde:

1. First and most vital - Defend at Galv. Nothing, I repeat; NOTHING screws the alliance more in AV than breaking their zerg and Galvangar is the single best place to do this.

2. Hold Galv and Tower Point and recap any towers that may have been ninja'd, particularly IBT. Rogues at this point should proceed north in pairs to take mines and ninja towers disrupting Alliance further from breaking the chokehold at Galv and Tower Point. When all (or most if one was somehow lost) Horde Towers are secured (ie. not in immediate danger) advance on Balinda but have the Galv team remain to protect Galvangar for as long as is humanely possible.

Once Balinda goes down it's up to you and how smoothly things went up to that point where to go from there. Once Galv is lost, the team defending him should proceed north immediately and assist in taking down the enemy towers. If Balinda went down first most likely you've already won.

Horde naturally have the terrain disadvantage in AV from having to proceed uphill but breaking the Alliance Zerg at Galv (thus forcing them to reorganize which we all know is the easiest thing in the world to do in a PuG) greatly levels the playing field for us.

Edit: A point I forgot but others have duly covered, DO NOT TAKE SNOWFALL. And importantly remind the group (for the sake of the new players) not to take snowfall.

That said if you're gunning for the Grave Robber achievement for the meta Snowfall is actually one of the best places to grab for an easy point since it's so out of the way and your only competition will probably be a newbie anyway if any at all (screw your team; battlemaster awaits?)
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since the npcs there havnt been updated since first day of cata ... just zerg

Galv dies before everyone can even make it into the room. It's kind of sad.
AV is by far my favorite battleground. And the most fun way to win (as alliance) is:
Get mines, Defend Bal, have a few ninja cap FWK towers, then defend Stormpike gy, and bridge. The key here is to WAIT at spgy and not follow horde back toward SHGY.

They never expect Bal to be defended....ever.

It's also fun to defend the bridge and DB early on from early tower caps. This helps greatly if they're trying their turtle strat. The key there is to be within archer range.
Sticking together seems to be a big one, unless you've already organised smaller and more specialised teams. Nothing is more saddening, or more annoying, than watching 3 small groups all charging into the opponent's giant mob of players one after the other. They always die and the enemy just steamrolls ahead.
AV is dead now its dumb
Forum made me post in the wrong area!

Anyway, I love being a Hunter in AV. With my scouting abilities I can run ahead and cape the far GYs and 2 Towers without being spotted and before the Horde even reaches the Bridge.
The Alliance don't need a strategy, so it's meaningless to go there. I'll describe how I try and force turtlefests:

1) While waiting for the game to start, try to movitate people to play defense with you. Each one is an important ally, and also works to hinder the moronic Horde zerg team.

2) Wait for the Alliance zerg to leave Snowfall and then attack it. Enjoy the obscenities hurled towards you because you know it's the right thing to do. Pick off any Alliance you can, and prioritize druids and rogues. WARNING: Do not attack a feral druid or rogue with less than 3 players.

3) While working towards the Iceblood GY (ignore towers for now), pick off any Alliance you can and make sure to grab their insignia each time for the forced respawn up North and materials for summoning Lok. Each Dead Alliance respawning up North is a step towards victory.

4) When you get most of the GYs back into control you can then form teams to clear the towers and again grab their insignias to force a spawn up north to wipe the Horde zerg.

5) IMPORTANT! : Roleplay as a heroic Horde defender, mocking the cowardly Horde zerglings who so readily left the Frostwolves defenseless in their time of need. Add some mourning for Galv's death and some omens about Lokholar for increased atmosphere.
This will again enrage the Horde zerglings; a victory in itself.

6) You'll know you've succeeded when you see the Horde offense wipe and spawn down South. At that point it is victory, but try and get people to summon Lok anyway because it makes oldschool players happy and nostalgic.

7) Let your essence congeal with Lokholar!
From an Alliance's point of view, it usually goes down as:
1) From the First boss room, move to cap Iceblood Graveyard, keep a couple there, and have around 6 others cap and guard the surrounding two towers simultaneously. It's usually a role that's self-adopted and isn't necessary to be requested (most of the time).

2) Rest of the team flows into Frostwolf hold. It's advisable to not begin a pull until the relief hut--or respectively the alliance graveyard--is capped, as a death would generally mean soaring back to the northern--or southern--half of the map.

3) The frostwolf towers become essential. Drek'Thar is easily downed with one tower down, however having both down at the same time can be fairly helpful and make things run smoother. Just remember to keep an eye out. It's fairly easy for a rogue to stealth in and ninja cap one of them and then you'll have to start again.
Spend the entirety of your forum existence posting pleading with Blizzard to buff Alterac Valley NPC's.
defend balinda win with the 20% health increase buff she gives
For all of you horde players who keep saying to back cap, you do know that 9 times out of 10 the alliance can down Drek with two towers up right? So, whats the point in taking ice blood tower and tower point back? To really win, this is what should be done:

1. Send a group to kill Balinda and send at least 5 to Stone hearth bunker and Ice wing bunker.

2. Rest of the team move forward and cap all the graveyards as you go, get to North and South Bunkers and grab them but do not WAIT for them.

3. As soon as SHB and ICB fall, the Offensive team needs to strike Van, because I guarantee the Alliance will attack Drek with 2 towers up as well.

Horde perspective.
For alliance...

1) Not everybody has to stop at Glav. Dont waste hero/time warp/hysteria on Galv, save it for Drek.

2) Stack towers five or more deep. This is a tower burning race. The first to burn two towers wins.

3) Don't take fwgy before rhgy. If you don't understand the graveyard mechanics then don't cap the graveyards. I have seen most turtles caused by alliance taking fwgy before rhgy. Get rhgy ASAP.

4) At relief hut cap the gy first, then go for east and west towers. Guard the towers and GY. Alliance usually fails in guarding these places.

5) Be ready to go on Drek when the second tower burns. Dont wait on 3 towers, dont wait on rhgy, this is a race. Tanks be sure to mark your role so healers can find you.
Google Rath Strat AV.
If any ally want a good lol, try this one.

1) Go immediately on defense and find the Druids of the Grove (the ones use to summon back in the day). They are in a small path behind the bunker on the hill (north?). they are lvl 85 elites, and they will mess your day up if they attack you.

2) wait for horde mob

3) LET THEM PASS YOU, otherwise you are gonna get facerolled by like 25 of them. I usually wait till after they tag the final GY.

4) find a hunter pet, or a melee if possible, but anything will work. Get them to attack you

5) Run back to the elites. If you did it right, they will engage and kill anyone attacking you. If said player is stupid enough to run away, then you have prolly won AV for your team because whats going to happen is they will kill the ENTIRE HORDE TEAM
Even though there's a lot of people, don't forget your CC. Having a healer or a particularly nasty DPS out of the action can easily bring you the victory. Also, don't be too proud to guard your towers when you cap them. There's nothing people hate more than seeing a tower with 15 seconds left get reclaimed because no one was guarding it.

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