what keeps you playing a paladin?

I just find Ret pallies fun.
Sure, our damage isn't "omg awesome", but I don't feel like a weakling. Being a plate wearer means I can take a licking and keep on ticking. On top of that, I can still shoot some off-heals in a pinch. Tried prot for a little while, and I think I could enjoy that. However, I feel like I'd need to level a prot pally up from scratch to really get comfortable with it.
I have lots of achivements and pets and mounts, chances are i will keep playing the pally until such a time where they make mounts / pets account wide.

then I will probably play something else.
I startted playing back in wrath as a holy paladin (bingo full time raid spot) best tank healer my guild ever had cata went prot (bingo full time raid spot) not the worst tank they ever had
FL came out went ret and did what pallies do so well cheerleading
DS comes out went back prot (bingo full time raid spot) my tanking has improved lets say that LOOL

all in all I've invested ALOT of time on this guy I've got a shammy mage priest and a lowbie war in the 70's but I keep comming back to the paladin because I miss the dmg that I can do as ret and I just love insta ques hehe

TLDR paladin = easy mode
i first started playing wow back at patch 1.3. i rolled a pally because that's the type of class i first rolled when i played neverwinter, baldur's gate, diablo, etc. . . . . a righteous, plate-wearing "jack-of-all-trades" class, some heals, some dmg, able to take a hit. i quit wow 2 weeks before TBC hit the shelves.

i returned to the game october last year, and i rolled another pally for the same reasons. i think this time around blizzard has made the class WAAYYYYYY closer to my personal perception of what a pally should be. i do way more pvp now (on a pvp server), so my play style is different than before. but i still regard my main as a righteous, plate-wearer. the damage, however, is really good this time around.
1. Avenger's Shield
2. Divine Storm
3. Wings
4. Tier 6
5. Tier 2

All that aside, I have always loved the Paladin theme. A Holy Warrior fighting for the light and what is right, protecting his friends and family and all that. But, that said, if they EVER take away any of the five things I listed above, they will have a riot on their hands. I will be one pissed off paladin if they take those away.
As a Raiding Ret:

- An ever-changing, rewarding and engaging combat priority system. Provided you aren't prone to photosensitive epilepsy. Proper proc and cooldown usage rewards quick thinking with great dps.

- Virtually no single-button spamming. The one instance in which you might (multiple Divine Purpose procs) results in damage bursts potentially in the millions.

- Great sense of control over your dps. You click the button, you do the damage. DoTs do not have to be monitored and there isn't a lot of potential for inadvertent long-term decreases in DPS (ie. getting interrupted during evocation, going solar when you should have went lunar, 3 minute cooldown when Corpsemongler II gets himself killed.

- The aforementioned priority consists of ~8 buttons. Not too few, not too many. IMO.

- High armor and arguably the best magic (aoe) damage reduction cooldown with glyphed Divine Protection. That feeling when you look at your raid frames and you're the only dps chilling at ~70%HP after heavy raid damage.

- Fat Word of Glory crits. I can top myself off. Thanks though.

- An array of death/wipe-preventing spells. You can squander them for yourself while learning content or stay true to the Paladin name and sacrifice yourself that your group may prevail. Hand of Protection on a ranged/healer or Lay on Hands on a tank save battle rezes (to be used later on me) and help hard-working healers who are low on mana or busy healing someone else. When playing certain other classes I get the urge to help my teammates when I see a wipe coming followed shortly by feelings of helplessness as the boss finally turns around and my time comes to be two-shotted.

- In our arsenal is (arguably) the hardest hitting attack in the game. Templar's Verdict with hand of light factored in.

- Long Arm of the Law. Not quite as effective as Charge or Heroic Leap but the ability to control where you go with it is amazing. A charge of holy power and refreshing Seal of Truth is icing on the cake.

- The ability to fill any role if my whim/the needs of my group should change.

- Even while healing (sometimes) you find yourself on the front lines of the battle; always where the action is. Unless you're into standing 30+ feet away. Whatever floats your boat.

- Crusader Aura has probably saved me hours of flight time since I learned it.

- As an avid clubber, electronic music lover and all around debauchery enthusiast staring at screen covered in floating golden numbers and shiny proc lights feels like home.

- When it comes to old raids and dungeons if anyone can solo it; I can.


- I could probably think of more but I think I've said enough.
1.Collecting achievements
2.Being a raid boss when I have cds up in pvp as ret (huge word of glory heals with wings/trinket/zeal up+damage).
3.Being versatile, when I get sick of dpsing, I'll just go tank spec and grind out instance achievements since its easy to carry a group being a geared tank (most of the time).
4.Wearing plate and healing with a shield is pretty sweet.
5.Love the look of the current seasons elite armor!
Dem phat wogs
Nothing more fun then a ret pally c:
Cleansliness is next to godliness.
I actually enjoy healing on my holy pally more than my main disc priest. I'm debating on making this toon my new main, but I have all my achieves and pet/mount collection on the priest. So I am soooo torn:(
I have to agree here, I have had TWO 85 healer priests (don't ask), and found Holy healing on them to be easy, but not very fun.

Eventually I rolled a new pally (I'd had a 60 back in vanilla) and leveled him up Holy, too. Found healing to be EXTREMELY fun, just suited to my playstyle. However, in Cata dungeons I discovered myself being a little bit taxed; this was odd, since everything UP to Cata dungeons had been easy and fun -- I never went below 90% mana, and the healing cycles just flowed so smoothly.

In Vortex Pinnacle randoms I noticed that I was having a LOT of trouble (sure, I wasn't geared the best, but hey, I was only level 83). Got frustrated, dismantled my pally, sold his stuff, sent his gold to my priest, and deleted him.

Trying again, though. Always loved playing the pally -- leveling a pally is so mellow and swift. I guess once I'm in Vortex Pinnacle again, I'll just have to do more research and try harder.
I play my pally cause I've got wings.

And !@#$%es love wings
I like healing. I've tried the other healing classes, but none of them have captured my adoration quite like a Holy Pally. I absolutely LOVE pally healing. I have alts and whatnot that I fiddle around with occasionally, but nothing compares to a pally.

Plus, lolret is fun in PvP. :D
Because I actually wore my transmog gear when it was still cutting edge and I'm nostalgic. I've got a warlock alt that is almost as old and currently getting more attention, but that's just until mists. The lock has never, and will never, replace my paladin.
This is my 3rd Paladin in WoW. The first was a human holy pally on a pve server, then a holy pally on a pvp server, i finally switched over to the horde to play with some friends. I started out as a pally because of Uther from Warcraft 3. I have played other classes, but a Pally is always close to my heart
I play a Paladin, in particular a Ret paladin, because I like the feel of being a support class that can also throw decent damage into the mix. I enjoy helping my team mates and I like TVing dirty mages who wear PvE gear.
i lik cos beetween warrior and a shaman like class but exept shamans raise dead

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