what keeps you playing a paladin?

I enjoyed my paladin for the ability to perform one role but assist in others, providing utilitys with Blessings of salvation, light,freedom and protection. To add that extra UMPH when I dpsed, to assist healers and tanks. To provide unique buffs to the table, now I play it because I feel that turning a blind eye to it would be a insult to the memory. I like many classes, but the paladin will always hold my favorite raiding, pvping, random shinanigan memories
Ya I'm here with you OP..
All my other characters are just that... simply my other toons.

But for some reason I feel like my human pally has more meaning to me, like he's my lil bud. Plus the lore behind pally (ret in specific) makes it instantly like 5 million times cooler than any other spec!!

One love :D
This toon was my main. I played WoW way back in the day and quit a month later (no max level toons). And I did that again, until the third and final time I renewed my subscription I started a pally. Lo and behold I loved playing a pally and levelled her like it was my job.

So I think part of it is the fact that I've almost literally grown up with my pally, but she was also my main. She's the most powerful toon I have, she has the most money, she did have the most achievs until the went account wide. She was the master. So I loved her and I will always love pallys. Playstyle, gear, lore, everything, heck even the spells (after I get used to changes every expansion).
I'm a main tank of a guild that does casual raiding and the Pally tool set lets me provide a high amount of support, while tanking, which I think is greater than the other tanks tool sets.

I have multiple gearing paths to choose from to be, not just the *traditional* tank-stats route.

I have a moderate to high amount of self healing which allows alot of flexability in solo play.

Most pally sets look decent to very good (excepting T5 - Crystalforge Armor, personal preference).

Glyph of Battle Healer
Surprised no one mentioned this thread's age being revived by a low level character last post on page 3.
^ and he said shamans raise dead?.. i want that guy is smoking.
02/15/2013 02:35 PMPosted by Alwayshungry
^ and he said shamans raise dead?.. i want that guy is smoking.

Yeah I was pondering that too,...
This is my one toon. I don't have the patience to try to level, gear, and train a second one. :/
I have played most every class in WoW as I started playing back at the end of Vanilla. By far my favorite class has to be Paladin, Holy to be specific.

I love PVP and that dominates about 90% of my playtime. I love the fact that I can run into many situations first, draw DPS, survive while healing my allies, and walk away in the sunlight with my comrads admiration and a smile on my face.

I love my Holy Paladin and could not imagine playing anything else.
The Swag
I always enjoyed the idea of a heavily armored holy knight smiting enemies with faith and steel while bolstering allies healing their wounds. Being my favorite healing class helps to.
I like sturdy, heavily armored melee characters (played Ironbreaker in WAR). I'm ok with giving up some damage for a significant survivability gain.
My paladin was the first character I made and the one I got to experience the wonder of my first MMO with. Ever since then I've just felt attached to the character and no matter how many times I try to put it down I just keep coming back and falling in love with it over and over again.

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