<North Korea> DS2 is looking for 1 tank and a few dps for DS 8/8 normal quick clear. perfect for any pvp'er wanting trinets/legendary daggers or alt gearing up. Please be resonablely geared and have good attdence.

We are also LF casuals and pvp'er to fill up our numbers so our gchat can get more active and lvl faster. looking to go 25 man in the future.

At <North Korea> we value pvp'ers as much as we value our raiders. Unlike any scrub pve guilds out there, we dont have a 1500 pve hero as guild leader. Who knows !@#$-all about pvp and treats pvp'ers like %^-*. Free guild repair if u mannage to get 2.2k+ in 3s this season.
did u xfer back just to join rats?
life's so hard in north korea =(
Do you take dwarfs by any chance?
yes we do =)

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