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Hey Everyone,

I recently came back to the game after a 6 month off from WoW. I was in a Hardcore raiding guild from start of BC till right before Cata release, with top 20 US kills on almost every boss in each tier included in both expansions. I had to move and change employment 4 months before Cata release and was unable to raid at the hardcore level, so after trying a few casual guilds and them not having any leadership or willingness to push thru content i just quit playing the game.

I just recently came back about 3 weeks ago and joined a friends guild thats 4/8HM, but with my current work schedule I am looking to get back to some serious raiding again with the new Expansion.

I am looking for a guild that's currently 8/8HM (25man)and recruiting for MoP, I have a few characters that are raid ready right now for HMs but I am mainly looking to xfer and start preparing for MoP. I am not looking for any reformed guilds or any rerolls, established and stable guilds only that are looking for top skilled raiders.

Looking for Raid times starting no earlier than 8PM EST, Horde preferably but would consider Alliance as well, also servers located on East coast or Dallas preffered. Some of those West coast servers i get close to 100ms.

Obviously because I have not been raiding hardcore this expansion I don't have any heroic geared characters, but come xpac that won't matter anyways.
I expect to be 90 in no more than 2 days after release.
I have almost every class at 85 so depending on what you need I can play. I've raided on many characters and I min-max every class I play even alts so me picking up new things in MoP is not gonna be a problem at all.
I am not looking to waste your time, so please don't waste mine either with reformed guilds or rerolls or still 4-5/8HM guilds

Characters available:
393 Unholy/Frost DK
391 Mage
395 Resto/Boomkin Druid
380 SPriest
Lock,Hunter, Shaman in HoT gear

UPDATE: I am also only looking for a 25 man guild, no 10 man please!

add me on RID:admir2k3@yahoo.com if u have any questions or wanna talk to me.

Thank you for your time!
work time
well what class are you? contact an officer if interested in us. blind copy-paste since I dont know if we need you or not based on cclass and spec.

TL;DR: Colossus 25man Alliance guild on med-pop PvE realm. CST Timezone. 13 raidhours/week ending before 12am EST or 11pm CST or 10pm MST or 9pm PST.

server: Greymane, PVE, Central Time Zone. 13 raidhours/week.
raid nights:

Wednesday 8pm-11pm CST
Thursday 8pm-11pm CST
Sunday 7pm-11pm
Monday 8pm-11pm

Current 25man Cataclysm Progression

t13 - 8/8 normal 6/8 heroic.


Extended version:

Greetings! If you are looking to experiencing deep endgame content in Cataclysm, Colossus may be the guild for you! We are currently N 8/8 and H 6/8 in Tier 13.

Above all, we expect applicants to be mature, available for AT LEAST 75% of raid nights and to be excellent at their class. For tanks, we would ask that you be available for the bulk of raids (90%). ----- ABOUT US -----
Guild is together since early Tier 4 under mostly same leadership. Accomplihed 4/6 sunwell pre-nrf, 6/6 pre-wolk, Bane in WolK and both meta drakes in ICC within relevant time.

We raid for up to 13 hours a week on current content. In order to keep up with current content we demand a lot of our raiding members, we expect members to be online and ready to go 15min before raid start and for you to pay attention and learn from mistakes and not make the same mistakes twice. What differentiates us from other guilds is that we strive to be efficient at clearing content to maximize the time we can spend on 'Hard Modes' and new bosses per week.

We plan to be actively working on hard modes as soon as normals are cleared. If this isn't your goal, Colossus is probably not the place for you. If it is, and you know your stuff, come and fill out an app at the site. ----- WHAT WE LOOK FOR -----

We would like players to have at least item-level 360, but to have knowledge of all fights in current content. In addition to attendance, knowledge of class, and personality, during our trial period we watch for:

1) Do you die stupidly (why is this fire under my feet...ouch it burns)?
2) Do you follow instructions (did they say I shouldn't stand in this fire)?
3) Do you keep making the same mistake (hmm...this patch of fire looks familiar)?
4) Are you more worried about gear than the guild's progression (I bet if I had that fist weapon off KT this fire wouldn't burn so bad)?
5) Do you show up for raids (meh, do I really feel like standing in fire tonight)?

----- HOW TO APPLY -----

So you happen to be one of these classes and you're thinking to yourself "hey, my gear is pretty darn good and I don't stand in fires or afk during trash and I could make that schedule almost all the time"…well that's great! Please create a post at http://www.colossalguild.net. Click "Apply" in the recruitment box in the upper left and fill out the application completely. Don't be surprised if your post disappears; we 'move' it into a private section to discuss applications. It may take up to a week to hear a response while we consider your application.

IMPORTANT: Take time to write a good application. The officers are, by and large, business professionals, so not using periods between sentences and abbreviating everything isn't the way to go.

Feel free to ask Raynge, Aninn, Sharadah, Abefroman, Ava, Rock, Spikemage or myself when we aren't raiding if you have any questions. If you do not see one of the above people on feel free to ask a member if they are hiding on an alt somewhere, it is very possible. ALSO IMPORTANT: Stay in touch with us. your forum topic will receive replies and we'd prefer to communicate through forums rather than tracking each-other down through level 1 alts.

Officer REALID (two different people. whichever's online can help you):

Check us out we have similar interests and wants in our raiders/raid guild.

Here's our spam, before I go to work.We are a new guild that has transfered over to Cho'gall this last week. We chose Cho'gall because we really were bored with our current dead server and are looking for a more lively bunch to play with.

< Soo Played > is looking for more to improve our 10 man progression. A lot of our raiders have been playing together for a long time, and some originated on other servers, but recently decided to move to Cho'gall to raid together. Our accomplishments come from some of the most competitive guilds in the US (In there respected era of the game).

We RUN a 10MAN RAID ROSTER and with the move we have cleaned house and we currently have five openings for high caliber players for our core group.

Who we are:

We are a group of players that have come together to try something new. After taking an over extended break from the game we have all stumbled back and Our core has finished all of the previous tier's content as well as achieved 2/8 heroic (as a guild) this tier with an extremely late start and bad attendance(hoping to fix that here). We've decided that raiding five nights a week at 20+ hours is not required or frankly enjoyable to clear content, so we have abandoned that concept. But, intern rely on HIGH QUALITY RAIDERS to fill in that time gap. We understand RL comes first and that everyone has a RL, but a commitment to us is still a commitment.

Who we want:

We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it’s available. If you can OUT PERFORM anyone on our roster we have a spot for you. We want players who are able to be a part of the team; that involves:

-Attending virtually all the raids
-Having stable computers and internet connections
-Bringing consumables
-Making sure you are up to date on all your classes’ developments, as well as the game’s developments and upcoming changes

Currently in Cataclysm:

-2/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (some of us have 6/8 Exp)
-6/7 Heroic Firelands

If you’re searching for this kind of guild, and you feel you are Superior by play and not by attitude. Then Contact one of us at the bottom of this thread.

Druid(High): Balance/*Resto*
Mage(High): Fire/(Arcan- Select Fights)
Warlock(High): Afflic/(Demo- Select Fights)
Death Knight(High): Blood(MT)
Priest(High): Disc
Paladin(High): Holy/Prot/Ret
Shaman(ow): Enh/Ele
Warrior(low): Arms

We run an extremely tight knit raid group, we light to have fun and accomplish a lot as fast as we can. We are really trying to get that "perfect" group with the best rounded buffs etc etc.. If you do not see your class/spec Listed Does Not Mean We Are Not Interested!

Exceptional players of any class/spec will be considered.

Raids Times:

7:00PM - 11:00PM(Server/CsT), Tuesday - Thursday.

Contact Information:
Guild Master, Cgudda90@gmail.com
Officer, heroboys1@gmail.com

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