[H] Prot Pally / Fire Mage LF Raiding Guild

I'm a 383 Prot Pally. LFR rolls have not been kind to me. I know my class, mechanics and am no stranger to raiding.

Also a 393 Fire Mage.

Old Guilds consist of
<Aristoi> in BC Days (Illidan Farm) on a different account as a Shadow Priest
<Dogmatic> Cata Doing BWD and BoT (8/10) Never got to do Halfus as the other MT needed the pants from there so I was always cut out for a boss -_- and didn't down nef.
Then there's a few guilds I don't remember but I did DS with on my mage 7/8 norm 1/8 HM
then took a break from WoW came back and am 8/8 on my mage.

I'd prefer to raid on my paladin though if the right guild asks I would go on my mage.

I prefer to raid tuesday - thursday as I work sunday-monday and am still in college.

We would love to talk to you regarding a core spot with Cadia with your mage!
    Server: Stormreaver
    Faction: Alliance
    Current Progression: 8/8 DS 10 man+ 5/8HM
    Current Schedule: Friday and Saturday 6-10ST CST (7-11EST).
    Guild website: cadia.guildlaunch.com
    Way to Contact: vimm0128@gmail.com
I know you said you'd prefer to raid on your paly, but my guild is currently looking for a few dps to re-fill our core group and a mage would be a welcome addition.
Whisper me in game (or just ask on here) if you're interested and want more details.

Also, if you're hurting for prot gear, I'd be willing to set up a specific time to run LFR with you so as to help guarantee tank drops.

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