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Upon hearing the new comer speaking from behind him, Colrick turned around to face the Night Elf woman from the fight just moments before. Like most elven women, she was quite beautiful and her years training as a huntress had given her a tone figure that spoke much about the strength she possessed. Brazenly butting into the conversation, the woman informed Colrick that she could help the paladin locate Kanarion. However, she moved quickly and before he could thank her for the offering of assistance, she mounted the saber that served as her mount and departed outside of the stables.

Since it would be disrespectful for him to show up seeking to speak with a superior from atop his charger, Colrick climbed down from his massive steed and handed the reigns to the stable keeper, giving the man a few coins for taking care of the horse. Then, after bowing his head in respect to the elven man, the Colrick marched outside and followed after the woman. Seeing that she had waited for him to leave the stables, the paladin quickly walked over to the huntress to keep her from getting impatient and prompted her to guide him to where he could find the mage he sought.

As the two of them moved at an even pace, the paladin decided that it would be a good idea to try and get to know some of the soldiers he would be fighting alongside.

"You have my thanks, milady. I have not been to Feathermoon Stronghold since it was rebuilt after the cataclysm, and with all the recent tension between the Horde causing an influx of soldiers I'm afraid I would have never found my superior. How long have you been stationed here yourself? Have you been here long enough to have information on the Horde's recent activity?"
Mizzark studied the map closely while more and more people crowded around the small table. A large Tauren stepped up behind him and asked the same question that appeared to be on everyones mind. Who are the Ninth Legion? Mizzark didn't much care for the answer to that question. He didn't care who he was fighting, all he cared was where and when the fighting would happen. "Who cares?" He snarled, "Every minute we spend talking is a minute less we have to prepare."

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"All i know is probably what you know. The horde has fortified camp Mojache, and in responce, the 9th legion has been called in to take. Sorry to admit, but i didn't pay attention to the specifics. In fact, i was on patrol when the briefing started, only got back for the end of it. Ask your Mage to fill you in on the details." Said Lancer without even looking at the Paladin. "I really don't care, but Crow is right, Mages are all arrogant idiots." she finished.

After walking for a few more minutes, Matalya asks the Paladin "SO, what brings you to this land of adventure and romance?" she asks in a dead-pan tone. "Come for the glory of the battle? the honor of killing in the name of the 9th Legion? The thrill of killing? or are you just bored of your church and wanting to do some dirty-work?" She asked, barely hiding her hatred of the 9th Legion.

Before he could answer, the dawnsaber rushed off, before stopping in front of a large building. "I last saw your mage in here. I guess all the stratagists and high ranking people are in there planning the attack." She said before getting off her mount and walking in without waiting for the paladin.
As Colrick listened to the elven woman speak, it became incredibly obvious that she barely tolerated the Ninth Legion's presence within Feralas, and he honestly couldn't blame her. While unbelievably talented and skilled, the Ninth Legion also had quite a reputation for being incredibly vicious and oftentimes brutal when dealing with their foes - they were the branch that the Alliance military relied on when some thing needed to be done at all possible costs. However, before Colrick could answer any of the woman's questions, her saber must have grown bored with the slow pace the two of them walked with, for it then bolted off toward ahead of him, stopping just in front of a massive building that appeared to be the most secure out of everything in the area. Once he drew closer to the huntress, Colrick watched as she pointed to the building and announced that within the massive edifice was the last place she had seen his quarry before she too dismounted and made her way inside using one of the ground entrances.

The paladin stayed behind for a moment longer to inspect the building, not seeing anything that stood out too much other than that the roof was a perfect location for marksman to take position should the courtyard ever be breached. Feathermoon Stronghold was a sturdy building, one capable of enduring a battle of attrition, but also something that would easily fall prey to any siege weaponry able to get in close enough to fire upon the building. After he'd satisfied his curiosity regarding the structures cursory fortifications, Colrick followed after the woman who had helped point him in the first direction to go on in his search.

While he walked through the hallway corridors, Colrick Everstead could feel the tension in the air, the soldiers all seemed to be on edge about the battle to come and conversation was at a minimum with only quiet murmuring and hushed whispers reaching his human ears. In fact, the loudest source of noise seemed to be coming from the paladin, for with every step he took the paladin's plated boots struck the ground audibly. Though he was doing his best to ensure that he walked as peacefully as possible within the interior of the building, his movements drew the eyes of more than a few guards who stood on duty. It's definitely far too tense in here...these soldiers seem like they're ready to pull a blade on anything that catches them off guard.

Still not quite sure where he should be going, Colrick kept his eye out for the elven huntress since she and her friend were the only two faces he'd been able to become familiar with at the stronghold. Since the direction of the corridors were fairly straightforward, it didn't take the veteran long to navigate his way to a hallway that led into one of the main halls. From where he stood, Colrick gathered that it was likely a dining area for the troops since the area seemed to be a bit more active. What was more, the paladin spotted the huntress down at the end of the corridor. He was just about to quicken his pace to meet up with her when a cruel voice drew his gaze to the left.

"Well, well, well...you must be the paladin that I've been expecting. Colrick Everstead, am I right?"

The paladin inspected the speaker, immediately noting the black robes that seemed to flow from his body. Even with the soft glow of light that shimmered forth from Colrick's figure, the paladin didn't doubt that if the elf had not spoken up then he would have likely bypassed him entirely. Currently the speaker had his arms crossed over his chest and leaned against the wall, the look about him showing just how indifferent he felt about the entire state of affairs. In fact, the tone of his voice was one that openly seemed to express absolute certainty that the situation they were so deeply embedded in was nothing more than a game, one that he found less than entertaining.

"You must be Lieutenant Olfiras."

Kanarion gave the paladin a toothy grin before confirming Colrick's presumption. "The one and only."
Vorik: Feathermoon Stronghold

Vorik gripped the reins in his hands tightly and tugged back with great strength, commanding the massive Elkk he rode to slow, and eventually stop. He sat at the gates of Feathermoon Stronghold. The rain came down and sheets and pelted the exposed half of his face and made faint pings every time a droplet hit his armor. He glanced left and right, scanning the area around the stronghold; inspecting the terrain, fortifications, guards, and possible threats all at once. Content with his initial probings he loosened his grip on the reins and tapped his heels on the sides of his Elkk, telling it to resume walking. He steered his mount around the Stronghold, continuing his probe of the defenses. He noticed that the place was suspiciously bare, there seemed to be too few guards, and the tavern was nearly empty. It didn't take long for him to notice the excess of mounts tied up in both the stables, and especially outside of what seemed to be the pinnacle of the entire Stronghold. He noticed many Nightsabers, a mount he admired greatly, but didn't think someone of his size could ride with nearly as much skill as the more agile Night Elf, he also noticed a number of Horses and even a mount that could have only belonged to a Paladin.

He steered the Elkk to an open space near the front of the tower and dismounted, tying the large mammal to a sturdy looking post and giving its head a rough pat. Vorik turned away and entered the tower, the wind slamming the door closed behind him. Everyone in the hallway seemed to be looking at him, not only because of his noisy entrance, but he figured most of them probably weren't expected a Hulk-sized Draenei to walk in the door.

When expecting battle Vorik always maintained a "tough-guy" persona, walking with purpose and generally trying to look as big and bad as possible. Vorik was generally a nice guy, but he also believed that there was no place for kindness on the battlefield, so he used this persona to keep himself in the battlefield mindframe. Keeping to his act, he glanced around the room and continued walking, his armor and gigantic sword doing all the talking for him, although no one else in the room seemed to be talking much either, and he could sense anticipation in each of them.

He turned a corner and saw two men talking, one an Elf, clad in flowing black robes, and the other a Human, donning silver and blue plate armor, Vorik assumed this to be the owner of the War Charger he had seen at the stables. He walked down the corridor towards them. "Vindicator Vorik," He introduced himself, giving them both a respectful bow of his head "can either of you tell me what is going on around here? I was told there are some Orcs looking for a fight?" His hand instinctively grabbed the hilt of his sword and he adjusted it on his back.
Turning to leave, Matalya noticed the Paladin talking with a Night Elf wearing black robes, probably the mage he was talking about. She than began to leave, but as she walked past, she sent a mocking salute at the Mage, before sighing and shaking her head. After leaving the building, she mounted Sage and rode towards the training area.

Watching the 9th legion soldiers practice, she grabbed her lance and dismounted Sage, looking for someone to fight. before long she had found another Sentinel to spar with. He attacked first, making a vertical slash which she blocked with the steel hilt of her lance, before twisting and striking at him with the blunt side of her lance, which he parried. Taking a few steps backwords, she thrusted her lance at him, before pulling back and strike at the other side of him. Buying the feint, she managed to hit him with in the side, causing him to stumble. Using this to her advanted, she struck at his knee, knocking him down, before striking at his head. She stopped just before she made contact.

"I win, you die." She said in a deadpan voice, before smiling and throwing one of her glaives at the watching Crow before he could make a idiotic comment. "Oh come on," He said when it landed just at his feet, "you take away all the fun." Picking up the Glaive, he walked over to her and handed it to her. "So, wheres the paladin?" He asked.

"Talking to his mage friend." she said. "You never know, he could just have been forced here." Crow said before drawing his sword. "Let's get a few matches in before before the battle. I still got you 5 - 3."

The Ninth legion commander known as Salendrina was done with waiting for her troops to meet her out front of her base, she quickly shifted into stealthed tiger form and made her way through the lush forest, dodging trees and rocks with grace. Once she was at the outskirts of the base, she quickly made her way up behind two of the guards and shifted out of tiger form, still in stealth. A couple quick movements and two guards would be dead, nothing would be heard, and the bodies would be disposed of very quickly. Getting into a very heavily guarded base was not an issue for her, but attacking a hole army of horde soldiers was.


At the same time all of this was going on, Andromedai had left the main gate a couple minuets right after the two guards had been killed. She took a deep breath in through her nose and let it out through her mouth enjoying the cold crisp air that flowed through the forest during the storm. What happened next came as a great surprise to Andromedai, there was a blur of fast movement and Andromedai had lost all control of her body. The rogue was flipped onto her back then a foot was placed on her neck, pressing down hard and making it very difficult to breath. The other Alliance troops should show up soon and the assault would being shortly.

Back inside of the Barracks with the rest of the Horde soldiers, Gangramar pointed at positions on the map. "Two Soliders at each entrance, stay inside of the base for the love of fel or you will most likely be taken out from a ranger or something of the sort." He paused and looked at the group before ripping up the map. "To hell with it." he tossed the map into the fire, "Follow me, we need to set up the cannons and then wait for them to attack."
Seeing things getting out of hand the Tauren spoke trying to pacify the situation, agreeing with the blood elf nodded in agreement.

Nomaya watched how the Orc conducted this "mission" and was rather unimpressed. "Orc we MUST have a sound plan if we are to crush these Ninth Legion fools. Getting us into a frenzy wont help anything!"

The Tauren looked at all the souls in the barracks "These men are looking for answers, and i dont want to see them fall in battle Gangramar." Nomaya looked at the burning battle plan and walked outside to think over his battle tactics.

Gangramar took the slap to the face and was unmoved by it, "You slap like a little girl." his eyes narrowed at the bloodelf before speaking in a much darker and angered tone. "I have faced the legion before, if we split up they will pick us off one by one until we are all dead. Though if you think you have a better plan than setting up a perimeter, by all means, let me hear it."

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