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What about cata?

Correction, forgot my glove xmog was cata stormforged.

The shoulders doesn't match, the leggings are fine,
8/10 very fiery ;)
8/10 Love the sword fetching it is.
The shield and mace looks fine, but there are better choices, like Lok'amir il Romathis and Pulsing Spellshield.


Dark iron is the best!
I have the BloodKnight set for my OS, and I really do like it.

But I also like my soulforge even more.
9/10 with a special mention for being able to carry off the pink tabard
8/10 simple and subtle but the shoulders clash and overall it doesn't look so good, atleast in the pic
Well that is one sexy hunk of man there. Very paladin-y. 9/10.

Edit: the Armory shows my stupid noble garden basket as my weapon haha it's very ferocious. For reals I'm using Merciless Gladiator's Greatsword
7/10 kinda common warrior princess/concubine look.
8/10 it may be played out but can you really blame the man, that set just looks so damn good.
8/10, sorry but the first thing that came to mind for me was twilight. Creative though :)
8/10, Tabard goes well with the set, but your boots and belt stand out a little too much. Armory view makes your sword look tiny >.>
9/10, This set just looks amazing in my honest opinion. The sword goes extremely well with the set.
6/10 the chest and arms piece ruin it
@Elisandra: Like the yellow look on a BE 9/10 and the sword works well too nicely done.
@Nathin. 9/10. I love it. It's a more elaborate version of the ever-popular Stormwind ensemble.
@carmy 9/10 needs less gear on leg more nudity :) ... yeah im a perv lol. Only if i could transmog Grand Marshal's Claymore my set would be complete .
9/10 I really like the mix and the creative use of different sets, if only the helm were a smidge brighter (though it does actually look a little brighter in game.
9/10 I dig this color scheme for this set, too bad the shield doesn't match.
Love the shield bro 9/10 :)

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