Insane in the membrane

Bug Report
So after a week filled with rep farming i finally finished my last two reps for this puppy. However upon finishing the fair rep i did not get the feat of strength. I track it and find that it says im missing bloodsail buc's but i have the gear set, feat, and title from them. any help?
This is not a bug.

Insane in the Membrane requires you to have obtained Honored reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers after the introduction of Insane in the Membrane to the game in Patch 3.1 (Ulduar). Unfortunately, like most people who got Bloodsail Admiral before Wrath, you only obtained Friendly reputation.
how can you tell ive only got to friendly? im pretty sure i hit honored and would like to see it myself.
I'd be shocked if you actually did hit Honored and kept it, since Avast Ye, Admiral! only requires Friendly, and you did that right after Wrath release and before Insane in the Membrane was added to the game. And in any case, even if you did hit Honored, you would have had to have kept it up until the Ulduar patch hit. Not very likely. Since you didn't, you don't have Insane in the Membrane today.

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