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Booty Bay

Mack Jarrow

The goblin Captain of SkyFlight leaned against the railing of the ship with his hat down. Within eight hours the ship was scheduled to set sail to , where this little problem was happening in orgrimar. Rumors were running about that the large city had been attacked but no further notice had been succumbed. If anyone tried to get near the city theyd be stopped by a large blockade, warding off any foolish travelers. Something serious was happening he knew. The horde weren't going to let the news go public it seemed though. Most problems would have just been minor, but this is serious. "Oye! You there!" He yelled at a orc peon. "Make sure the boats in good condition, i want it to be ready to set sail at anytime." With a start, the peon rushed down into the belly of the ship making sure things were in working order. The captain gazed over to where the gangplank was. Two bruisers stood ready, only allowing anyone with the note of the King Varian or Vol'jin. "Whatever this problem is, it must be pretty serious."
Vynelor walked up the plankways of booty bay to the ship. He had been summoned to an audience with Al'anar(i think thats the name) the Narru in Shattrath, and had 'spoken' to the being. It had briefed him on the situation in Orgrimmar and had given the young Battlemage it's bessing. Now on his way to face unknown perils and dealdy obstacles Vynelor couldnt help but smile. 'Now where is that ship?' he thought but started walking torwards it when he caught sight of it. He walked up to the ship and saw a goblin that seemed to be in control. "Excuse me" he called to the goblin, "Is this the SkyFlight?"
Mack Jarrow

Mack looked up at the man. "Yea, so what. Only thing my job is to get yall to those hoofed tentacle goats. Alive anyway. Cabins are down in the lower deck. Ask the bartender for a key, then take the stairs down to your left of the bar. And try not to fall off the deck." Mack walked off of the boat bow and went to check on the engines. Peons were in charge of making sure the boat wasnt suffering any damages or leaks but they were just about as good to trust at those jobs then a blind ogre.

A large stack of envelopes were in Calvics hands as he sorted through them. Various mail was sent to him in the last few days. "Trash....trash....dont expensive....cant read" Looking over to his side her rummaged around until he found the important messages. One was about a engagement party of one of this friends. The other about a incident in ogrimmar. "Mmmm.....hard choice on which one to read. An engagement party would be funner then doing some trash duty......" He opened both, the engagement party first then the orgimmar problem. "O my.....this is a bit of a problem."

The last of Orgrimmar has been last seen in a giant globe of darkness. No suspects or witnesses have been found about this problem. Whenever people were sent in to see about the problem they never come out. This is a serious problem. The horde doesnt not have enough power to stop this, so we must receive help from the alliance. This can not be contained from the public much longer. A powerful source of light will be needed to enter this dark realm, and as far as we know only the naru has the power for this. Report to booty bay to deck the Sky Flight and sail to orgrimmar to receive a holy seal to walk through the darkness that plagues the city.


"Well......i guess i dont really have a choice!" Crumpling up the paper he got up from his desk and walked out of the undercity archives. After a few minutes he arrived at the bat handler. "Im here to recieve my bone gryphon if you dont mind." "Ah yes, she is this way." The stable handler led him to the pen where his scourge gryphon rested. When it saw Calvic it gave out a small shriek of delight at seeing its master. "I've missed you too. Thank you for taking care of him gordan." "It was my pleasure, Calvic." Hoisting his leg onto his gryphon he tested the reins and such before take off. "Until next time." With a kick the gryphon took off through the undercity and through the flight tunnels towards the goblin run city of Booty Bay.

1 day later

Calvic had dozed off while riding his gryphon and woke up in the middle of the street of bootybay with goblins surrounding him, checking his pockets and such for gold. "O go away ya little buggers!" He flailed his arm around to get rid of the goblins. He sat up with a groan and realized his spine was out of place and his arm was detached. He grabbed his arm, reattached it, then popped his spine back in place with a sickening crack. "Dam, must have been a rough flight. Either that or i fell off.....Some good this plate does me..." It took him a few minutes to get on his feet. When he was up and walking he looked around and asked a few goblins for a ship called 'SkyFlight'. It took him a while to get a straight answer. Once he had found the ship he walked up the gang plank but was stopped by two goblin bruisers. "Wheres the pass." It seemed to be ages that he stood there. The envolope was back all the way in undercity.

A thought struck him at the last moment. He leaned down and whispered "Im sure a...little arrangement between gentelmen can get me on that ship, right?" The two bruisers looked at eachother and said "Go on." Calvic looked around to see if anyone was watching and pulled out eighty gold. "Forty gold each says i get on that boat there." "..........Deal." The bruisers snatched the gold and stepped aside. "Nice seeing you two." With his hunched over stride he walked onto the ship and stopped a nearby peon. "You know where i can get a room?" He nodded. "Me know. It downstair. To left of bar." "Thank you ol' chap." He patted the grunt on the back and headed down the ship and stopped at the bar for a quick drink. "Shot of whiskey if you please." His undeath didnt allow him to taste but he still liked the warmth of the drink down his throat.
Cullitia brushed back a bit of hair from her face, squinting her eyes as her Wyvern took a turn into the sun. The area beneath them was dry, though she could taste the humid air coming from the south. "Almost there Tarragon." Cullitia comforted her Wyvern, feeling the strain he was beginning to put into each of his wing beats. "A little farther my friend, then we'll be in Stranglethorn Vale." Cullitia leaned forward, resting her body against Tarragon, thinking of the note she had tucked in her pocket; which she had found lying in a mud puddle. It had been an alert sent out to all able units from both the Alliance and the Horde. "I can't believe it's so terrible that Vol'jin is even requesting the help of the Alliance! It must be worse than I imagined." Cullitia let out a sigh of thoughtfulness, turning her eyes up to the sky and watching the clouds. "The note also says there's a boat in Booty Bay to take us over there. So that's where I'm headed then." Nodding her head triumphantly, she looked down at Tarragon before wrapping her arms around his neck. "I know you're tired but we're getting closer, I think I can just see the treetops of Stranglethorn Vale." Cullitia smiled at the beast, though it nudged her off, concentrating on it's flying. "Thank you." Grinning, she dozed off, her mind still clouded with thoughts of the internal war.

The next thing she knew, Cullitia was woken up by a loud cawing sound in her ear. "Wha? Hmm?" Looking around, Cullitia realized they were near the heart of Stranglethorn and Tarragon was looking up with pleading eyes. "Tarragon! I told you not to fly this far! You've probably hurt yourself or something!" Cullitia's gaze burned into the beast but he just stared up at her, finally get her to sigh and laugh. "I know you love me but perhaps just a little less love?" Cullitia kissed the top of his head, leading him towards the ground and dismounting. "We must be close to Booty Bay as we're past the whirlpool. That's means if we continue South... In an hour or so we'll be in the town!" Clapping her hands once with excitement, she began to walk, her Wyvern close to her.

A brown bird with little horns lands on the side of the ship and makes a weird squaking noise. Soon the birds wings spread out and turn into hands and the bird's whole body quickly turns into a tauren shaped body before disappearing in a puff of mist. A young tauren comes out of the mist and says "I'm Blackglow, I hope I didn't surprise you too much. Sorry for being late, I just had to stop when I heard the rumors of Orgimmar being taken over. Are the rumors I heard true?"

Back in orgimmar, a shape moved in the the shadows. An elfish figure approached the faceless ones and kneeled down before them. " I am ready to serve under your command, master" the elf muttered as she looked toward the faceless ones.
Warricane now stands before a being of pure light, A'dal at the request of none other than king Varian Wrynn himself. Something particularly unsettling must have occurred within Orgrimmar, to require the aid of a being of such purity. The blessing being place upon him was a familiar one, but the fact that the blessing's strength must be reinforced by one of the naaru means this threat must be of an epically malicious nature. Immediately after the blessing had been placed, 2 armed Stormwind Seals approached him in order to escort him back through the portal to be briefed on this "task" by General Marcus Jonathan, High Commander of Stormwind's defense.

Faceless. Apparently these creatures of old have lain siege to the city, systematically enslaving the populous through psychic means, this explains the blessing. Though leaders of either faction wish this problem to be solved with as much discretion as possible, the force necessary to apprehend these "faceless" may be simply too much to ask of the small task force being assembled.

Booty bay at last. Warricane approaches the 2 bruisers standing guard at the gangplank very, very slowly, as they seemed to be rather apprehensive about a Scarlet Crusader of all things casually walking towards them. At the sight of the note bearing the seal of King Wrynn, an extremely confused look came over them, however they did slowly, and cautiously step aside, allowing the old crusader to pass between them. As he boarded he cought sight of an Undead Death knight, no doubt here at the request of Vol'jin. He was an older deathknight, still wearing the regalia of a higher ranking member of the Ebon hand. The putrid stench of his filth shuffling between his very bones and armor had become all too familiar to the Old Crusader. To be pitted against evil alongside an adversary he had faced all his life was unnerving to say the least. The endeavor to come was not going to go smoothly.
Arthien briskly walked through the streets of Booty Bay, a scowl adorning her face, she absolutly detested this place. The entire port reeked of stale ale, body odor, and a hint of vomit, it churned her stomach every time she entered the port, but that wasn't the only reason she was scowling. Arthien had been asked to take part in the reclamation of Orgrimar, but in order to enter the city again, the group that had been gathered must recieve the blessing of the Narru, the Narru just the thought cause Arthien to stifle a retch, Such useless beings, knowing nothing of real power. she thought, forgetting about the stench of the port for a momen as she stewed about her task, the only reason she accepted was the chance of discovering what power could do this to an entire city, and claiming that power for herself.

She walked around the streets, periodically questioning a passing goblin as to the location of the SkyFlight, the ship that was taking the group to Orgrimar, after locating a goblin that wasn't completely drunk, and with a little 'gentle' persuasion, Arthien walked up the gangplank of the SkyFlight. Two bruiers stepped infront of her once she reached the top "Pass" one asked gruffly, Arthien pulled out her envelop containing the letter and showed it to the bruisers, nodding the bruisers stepped aside "Enjoy the ride, sweet cheeks." one of them said as she passed, looking back, a look of pure disgust on her face for a moment then, with a faint smile, she snapped her fingers. The bruiser's beer-stained trousers suddenly caught fire, causing the bruiser to jump around in shock, attempting to stamp out the flame with his hands, in the end he tripped over the railing and landed with a loud splash in the sea water below. With that done Arthien walked below deck hearing the second bruiser laughing hysterically at the misfortune of his partner.

Below deck was a simple bar, a Forsaken sat there drinking. She approached the bartender, sitting down at the bar a fair distance from the undead, trying to avoid the stench if possible. "Slivermoon Port, should you have it. And I require a room." she spoke to the bartender who gave a nod of recognition handing her a glass of wine and a key "Cabins're on the left."

Arthien sat there silently sipping her wine, awaiting anyone else.
Calvic looked over to the bloodelf with a rotted tooth grin. "Hey sweety, dont be shy. Im not as scary as i might look." He looked at himself for a moment. "Oooo, i see. Its my stench." He pretended to sniff himself. "It smells like roses and daisys to me. I dont see what the fuss about us undead is about. If we smell that horrible buy us perfume! But look on the bad side. Your gonna be in a group with me, so you better get used to this familiar rotting stench. Having a wrinkled up nose the whole trip and back will make it look like you were born that way. Hit me again." The bartender poured the deathknight another shot of whiskey. He downed it quickly and stared at the counter. If only i never went into that forests, this would never have happened to me... He dawdled in his memories from when he was still alive.
"So, what happened?" The grey-furred Worgen asked, trotting down the planks of Booty Bay.
The Troll beside him frowned. "I don't know all the details." He replied "But, it must be something big. Orgrimmar is closed, no communication or travel. Vol'jin is taking care of things at the moment. What about your side?" The odd pair turned to face the ship docked in the harbor, guards at the entry.
"Varian isn't happy at the moment, but he's sending aid for whatever's happening." The Worgen said as they approached the ship. "Whatever it is, things are going to get interesting fast."

They each pulled papers out and showed them to the Bruisers. The Troll had orders for a Tanugatoa, signed by Vol'jin. The Worgen held papers made for Grishmak, signed by King Varian.
Passing by the guards onto the deck of the ship, the two druids immediately made their way below deck, into the galley.

Grabbing a table, they sat in silence for a moment. Tanu broke it first.
"Sairdna not coming? I thought she went with you everywhere." He said, grinning at his companion.
Grish sighed, replying "No, I convinced her to stay out of this one; not an easy task."
Tanu chuckled at the statement, nodding. "Kumon is annoyed that he isn't coming, either. Last I saw he was heading to Northrend. Said something about dead mages."
Grishmak shrugged, taking out his spellbook. After it came bundled herbs, vials, and finished potions. Opening the book, the druid looked over his notes, adding different herbs to one of the bottles.

Hi Tanu! A voice sounded in the Troll's head.
Tanu jumped, looking around for a moment before remembering who the voice belonged to.
'Hi Vi.' He replied mentally, ignoring the chuckle coming from Grish.
Sorry about startling you. I forgot you aren't as used to me as Grishmak or Sairdna.
'I don't have you constantly talking in my head, either.'
True. Grish says that I talk to him so much that there would be an echo if I left his head.
'I can see why he thinks so.' The Troll replied, smiling at the idea.
So, how have you been?
Tanu felt himself relax as he and the odd spirit began to talk.
Arthien gave the Forsaken a quick glare "There is not enough prefume in the world to remove such a detestable stench, but I have ignored it before and I shall again." she thought about an old acquaintance she had for a time. "Barkeep a meal if you please, Sagefish Delight will do fine." the barkeep nodded and set about preparing the meal.

Arthien fell back into silence, finding herself wondering what became of that old Forsaken rogue.
By the time she had reached Booty Bay, her Wyvern was feeling refreshed and was stretching and jumping about. "Look Tarragon, I know you're feeling better but, I don't want us to fly all the way to Orgrimmar. If you get tired, you'll collapse into the sea and we'll both die!" Tarragon looked at her, let out a sigh and calmed a bit. "Good." Once she'd talked some sense into her mount, Cullitia stopped by the Blacksmith, had her armour fixed, and then stocked up on supplies again.

Cullitia approached the boat, handing the two guards a letter to show verification and then hopped aboard. A large Grizzly Bear had joined her and was standing on his hind legs, surveying the boats inhabitants. "Grizzle, cut that out! You're going to get yourself kicked out and I don't need that." Grizzle huffed at her and returned to all fours, going over to greet her mount which was resting near the edge. Cullitia sighed, ordering a glass of white wine and sitting down on the deck, watching the sea and thinking about what may come.
Warricane leaned back against the mast, arms crossed, and watched as yet ANOTHER blood elf boarded the ship. A large bear followed behind her and made its way towards the blood elf's mount resting on the edge of the ship. These animals are going to become a liability, assuming the Narru hadn't blessed each one of them as well. "I will put them down if I have too."

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