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(( Hello, i am Kaylvana. If you are new to the forums then ill introduce myself. For every holdiay i make a holiday tavern on the forums. From Noob to Veteran rpers are welcome to come and have fun. My taverns are specified to make friends IC and OOC ^-^ For this one it is for Noble Garden. Or in otherwords Easter. No fighting, or youll answer to kaylvana and she gets scary ;p Around the tavern there is hidden eggs. Each one has a token inside. The more tokens you get the better prize you get. The prizes are a secret though....))

Treasures Cove inn, located in the forests of felwood. All races and factions are welcome to come and sit down and have a drink. On the outside, it is decorated with flowers and cutouts of eggs. In the front, on the right of the steps a egg is hidden in some grass. Its a deep green like the grass so its hard to spot. On the inside the tables are shaped like round eggs. There are fifteen in all and each has a number in the middle, so if a egg is found on the tables that do have one theyll be kept track of easier. On tables 6, 8, 1, 4, and 13 their are two eggs under the chairs which have a light sticky substance so they stay in place. Upstairs where the rooms are, 2 rooms have 3 eggs in each. Room 4 and room 7. An egg is located in the closet, under the bed matress, and on the table.

With other parts of the inside there's a bar counter, where Kaylvana will mostly reside unless she is attending business with friends. In those cases a shy bloodelf named Lahara is in control of giving room keys, drinks, and food. To the right of the barcounter and back a little is the kitchen. Twin brothers named Jim and Barry cook the food. Lahara is a excellent cook but is always to shy when Kaylvana asks her to prepare a meal.

In the current situation Kaylvana was sitting at the bar with nothing to do, sipping on a expensive red wine. In these circumstances, she was still single and yearned for a person to love since the only times she ever gets to see males is when she is offduty from the shadow wardens and sets up her holiday taverns.

(( btw dont send your character on a egg finding spree by just walking in and finds all of them without even trying ;p ))
A death knight walked up to the inn, her expression curiously bland. Pausing by the side of the steps for a moment, she looked down, vaguely surprised, as she heard and felt a crunching sensation under her foot. Lifting the plated extremity, she picked up the crushed egg, eyeing the slightly squished chocolate it contained skeptically.

A small smiled quirked the corners of her mouth up, and Allaynna Kidrain walked into the inn, smoothing the smirk from her face as she entered. pacing through the doorway, she held up the remnants of the holiday tradition to the barkeeper, "Really, Kay?" was all she said, laughter in her echoing voice.

Running a gloved hand through her hair, she grinned ruefully, "Oops."
"Your lucky that was a fake egg. Otherwise there would be a particularly very angry owl after you about now. Besides, I have to be in holiday tradition now dont I? Its either this or be melting in the fiery god forsaken molten front.....Anyway you owe me a whole five silver for smashing the egg." She chuckled. "If you find enough eggs 'without' smashing them you can receive a prize." Kaylvana pulled up a parchment with the rewards.

1 egg- 2 gold

2 eggs- 10 gold

3eggs- 40gold

4eggs- Free Special Dinner + 100gold

5eggs- Free rooms, food, and drinks for however long you stay at the tavern.

10eggs- Receive a kiss from Kaylvana or Lahara.

"Theres 16 eggs in all scattered across the building. And sorry but i don't think the 6th prize will account for you."
"Oh I don't blame you all too much for that," Allaynna laughed, "Besides, I think if it did, I might protest. Violently."

Dropping down at a table bearing a number 5, the death knight added, "Let me have some mead, and a meal, I don't really care what, and a room. Oh, and here's the money for the egg." Counting money out, the death knight stacked it neatly on the corner of her table, leaning back in the seat and pulling off her armor.

"Y'know, Kay," she said, "I can't help feeling kinda sorry for you, every time I see you, you're alone, even during the holidays. I mean, if an uncaring, murderous lump of lustful dead flesh like me can find someone, surely a pretty Night Elf like you could."

After a mocking pause, Allaynna added with a wicked grin, "Oh, right, it's the murderous streak in your that turns them off..." musingly, she trailed off, pretending to be deep in thought.

"But anyways," she began again after a suitably long silence, "You see Tristan? He was supposed to meet me here."
"Hey, atleast your lover is a muderous lump of lustful dead flesh too. Plus how do you know my so called 'murderous streak' hasn't claimed him a victim yet." She teased. It would be nice to have a lover. Then again it'd be nice to have a lover that doesnt try to kill himself around me.... Kaylvana walked over and picked up the money, then walked off to the kitchen. "Jim, Bar-" She stopped in mid sentence to see the two brothers having a fight with each other, throwing punches and yelling slurs.

After a long pause of watching them she face palmed. "Lahara!" The young bloodelf looked up quickly from a book. "Yes mam!?" "I need a meal fixed. Anything. It doesnt matter. Just use those magical fingers of yours." Lahara's face turned red. "Y-Yes mam!" Kaylvana walked over to the two brothers, grabbed them both by the hair and slammed their heads together. "This will be deducted off your salary for fighting."

They grumbled protest while laying on the floor. "Glad to see its worked out then." She headed for the door of the kitchen and towards the bar. After she poured a large tankard of ale she walked towards allaynna and slammed the drink down, causing some of it to spill on the deathknight. "Oops." She said with a grin.
Prazzix walked with a strut in her walk. Her appearance would portray a goblin that just robbed a jewelry store, or had way to much money. Two gold hoop earrings, a nose ring, emerald necklace with copper casing, a truesilver ring on her right index finger and a truesilver ring with a azerothian diamond on her left ring finger. In her hand was a fine polished wood cane with a large star ruby on the top. Red silk shirt and velvet blue leggings. To top it off, dark green runecloth shoes with gold lining on the sides. To wrap it all up, a crimson felt hat.

Prazzix looked off into the distance with her jewelry shining in the sun. A structure in the shape of a tavern rested there. "O goody, a place full of drunk foolish men. Perfect place to mop up some gold." She let out a devilsh grin. Prazzix was a gold digger. She tricked men into giving her their money and valuables. When things dont go her way however, the next time you blink your body will be encased in ice. Goblin run towns often spread rumors calling her the ice witch.

After ten minutes of walking she made it to the tavern. Before she entered she put on some makeup. When she was done she slammed the door open, expecting to see a bunch of roudy idiots, throwing their gold at a bartender for more drinks till they passed out. She thought it was a mirage at first. There were only two women in the place. Quickly she rubbed her eyes and checked again. The same image was there. O god.....this is bad. I guess i can wait though not like i got somewhere to be. But i also guess i can try out my skill on women. The goblin walked up to the table where the Nightelf and Human were at and climbed up a seat. "Hey sweetcheeks, hows it goin." She winked her eye at the nightelf.
Allaynna looked down at the liquid on her arm, eyeing Kay in an amused fashion, "Well," she said, "Never seen you do that, Kay."

Shaking her arm out and slipping off her plate chestpiece, she grinned lopsidedly, "Ah, well." Allaynna's black, sleeveless top revealed the necklace, a gold ring set with gemstones and a symbol of the Light, hanging from her neck. Tucking her armor into her enchanted bag, she was shown to be wearing matching black trousers. Her whole outfit shimmered with protective enchantments.

As the Goblin walked in and sat down, Allaynna sized her up, reserving judgement, but noting the outward affluence. Wincing as the new woman spoke to Kaylvana, the death knight shook her head minimally, then smiled broadly as another figure walked through the door.

The dark figure in the doorway had no armor on, but he radiated a deadly charm. Tall, well muscled, with short, black hair and deep blue eyes, the male death knight walked into the room, taking its occupants in. Hooking one of the remaining empty chairs out with his foot, he dropped into the seat, returning Allaynna's smile and dropping his bag with a disproportionate thunk, he spoke in a melodically echoing voice, "Hey, Allay, Kay, who's your friend?"

With the last, he gestured towards the Goblin, flashing a small smile. He was somehow deadly and calm at the same time, and exuded a chill aura of death, "Name's Tristan."
Prazzix's mouth would've dropped at the human if she wasnt trained better to hide her emotions. He seemed like a prince charming from a fairy tale. But a bit more dark toned and deadlier and less charming with glowing blue eyes. "Why hello there handsome. My names Prazzix. Good for some, bad for others. But ill be good just for you." Her eyes fluttered at the handsome man. "I was just getting to know your friends Allay" This big boy is packin some heavy guns ill give him that much.
"That might be Allaynna to you," the female death knight pointed out mildly, with no hint of hostility in her voice, "But nice to meet you." Turning to Tristan, she dug her finger under his ribs playfully and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, below the hearing of the others, "Have fun."

Tristan nodded to Allaynna gently, hiding a smile, and blinked quickly at the Goblin, fluttering his eyelashes at her, "A pleasure, I'm sure," he said, while behind his back Allaynna glared pointedly at Kay, trying to discourage her from ruining the two death knights' fun.
Kaylvana raised a eyebrow. She waved it off and got behind the goblin making hand motions that spelled out "If she causes too much trouble ill bash her over the head and drag her out". After she was done she walked off to the bar to watch the little play that was going to unfold in front of her.
High in the air above the tavern, a certain druid flew. Just behind his avian form a mechanical flying machine buzzed, following the bird. The occupant of the machine, a brown-haired Blood Elf, watched the bird through her blue-lens goggles.
The bird that, apparently, didn't feel like being a bird anymore.
With a puff of smoke, the druid shifted into a large cat in mid-air. This cat seemed surprised about the sudden change, looking around.
Upon looking down, its surprise changed into panic. Limbs flailing, the cat fell through the air, straight toward the roof of the inn.
The Blood Elf stared for a moment, shocked, before realizing what was happening. Punching a button on the console in front of her, she lept out of the machine, her midnight-blue cloak trailing behind her.
* * * * * * * * * *
Inside the inn, one might notice a roar coming from outside. A roar which seemed to become much louder, very quickly.
Moments passed until-
WHAM! A heavy object struck the roof.
CRUNCH! The roof gave way, a hole appearing, as-
BAM! -the cat, and pieces of the roof, landed on table 7.
The cat shifted form into a large, grey-furred Worgen, who lay on the floor, dazed.
"Uhh...hello...." He said slowly, still trying to focus.
The Blood Elf floated down behind him, using a feather fall spell and the hole he had left as an entrance. Shaking her head, she took out a small device, pointing it at the druid. A green beam shot out of the end, enveloping the Worgen. After a few moment, the Elf stored the object, shaking her head and chuckling.
"Is'not funny Sai." The druid mumbled, sitting up on the wreckage of the table. "Um, hi." He said to the room at large. Spotting Kay behind the bar, the druid, Grishmak, chuckled. "Of course. I only ever crash through the roof if it's one of your bars, Kay."
Sai, the Elf, turned to look at Kay, still trying not to laugh. She sketched words in glowing orange into the air. 'Hello, I'm Sairdna.' She wrote, smiling.
"O I see! You just 'happen' to fall through every roof in every building i make and break the same table every time. Are you sure you haven't planned this all out for every holiday ? By the way its your job to fix the roof grish........again.....for the twelfth or more time......Anyway atleast you didnt break any eggs like a certain someone." She shifted her gaze to Allaynna. At that moment a ringing sound came from the kitchen. Kaylvana walked off to the kitchen door and opened it to be met by the most heavenly scent shes ever smelt.

On the dinner plate was a boar haunch roasted with spices and drizzled with honey to make it sweet. The fat was trimmed then melted onto the meat to make a greasy and juicy lathery coating. It seemed like a god had come down and blessed the food. Kaylvanas eyes almost popped out of her skull as she looked at Lahara standing there. "Is there something wrong!?!" She panicked. "This......this...THIS ISNT EVEN A FOOD! THIS IS A DIVINE GIFT FROM HEAVEN!" Kaylvana grabbed the plate and had to use all of her will not to completely devour the large pork haunch.

Slowly she went out of the kitchen with gritted teeth. It seemed like eternity to place the plate at Allaynna's table. Kaylvana almost had tears in her eyes. "I....I....." She sniffled at having to leave the beautiful food. "Hope you enjoy it."
Grish chuckled at the Elf's response, standing and stretching. Gazing up at the hole in the roof, the druid frowned, thinking. Stretching out a hand, he concentrated, forcing power into the broken ends of the wood.
The planks shuddered, and began to move, stretching across the gap toward each other. They slowly grew outward, until the ends touched, melding together and forming a seal.

Grinning, the druid looked over at Kay as she re-entered the room. Spotting the food she was carrying, the druid felt his mouth begin to water.
"Lahara strikes again, I see." He said "Whatever that is, we'll have it."
Sairdna looked up from the chair she had taken beside the wrecked table, her eyes widening at the sight of the food. She nodded enthusiastically as Grish spoke.
Sitting down in a chair across from the Elf, the druid frowned down at the table. Before he could focus and fix the broken furniture, Sai held up a hand.

Reaching into her sleeves, the Mage produced a flat, pure black metal disc. Tapping it, she activated the magic inherent in the device, letting it unfold. The disc spiraled outward, enlarging into roughly the size of the other tables. With a clink, four legs dropped out from the bottom, allowing the newly-expanded table to settle onto the floor.
'A new table and some firewood.' Sai thought to Grish, who grinned.
"Oh yes," Allaynna said, meeting Kay's gaze unabashedly and then grinning at Grishmak and Sai, "I had the misfortune to step on one of the eggs..."

With another rueful grin and a run of her hand through her hair, she again said, "Oops."

As Kay brought her food, the death knight's eyes lit up, as did Tristan's, "Allay," he began hungrily, "I hope you don't mind if I eat some of that."

"Go for it," she replied, turning halfway towards Grish and Sai, "Guys," she added, gesturing to Tristan, "This is Tristan, a friend of mine, I don't recall if you've met." Giving both of the duo the same meaningful glare she had given Kay, a warning.

Tristan waved distractedly and pulled off a piece of meat with his fingers before turning back to the Goblin, smiling slightly and folding his hands together on the table top.
Prazzix shifted her gaze towards the female deathknight. She might be a problem if im going to get some profit off this big hunk. Id need to get him alone. But then again if i try to freeze him it wouldn't be the best of ideas. He's basically a walking iceberg already. Wait....hes looking at me right now! Crap! He might see me staring at her! Quickly she stared back at the Tristan. The pure blue eyes seemed to draw her in.....Snap out of it! Your supposed to seduce men not the other way around! Ooooo....if only mother had trained me for this situation. "You might want to be careful with that haunch. Might get your shiny plate all dirty. Though i could clean it off for you. Just tell me where." She added slyly.
Kaylvana glared at Grishmak with mischievous eyes. "You better wait in line bub. If anyone is plucking the glorious thing she calls food from her god like cooking hands its me!" Kaylvana rushed into the kitchen with eyes full of hunger. "LAHARA PREPARE A FEAST!" She was so startled from the sudden yell that she nearly fell over, catching herself on a cooking counter. "Y-Y-Y-Yes mam right away!" The bloodelf rushed around the kitchen rapidly, tripping and dropping food trying to prepare the mighty meal. Kaylvana walked out of kitchen. "Anyone want a drink while im at the bar?"
(I'm still new to rp so dont yell at me if I suck. Any advice would be great for me though)

A short worgen, or at least short for a worgen(about 6"0) walked into the inn with splotches of green demon blood on his body and armor. The spots sizzled and steam came off the worgens flesh. The blood began to dissolve and the death knight sat down exhausted at the nearest empty table. Only after a few moments of resting his head did he look up and see the inn's strange appearence. "What in Azeroth?" he mumbled, in a surprisingly young sounding voice(about late teens) but he shrugged and figured it just a gimik. A ghoul strode in carrying a large pack and sat the pack down next to the worgen. "Oh, sorry Stone. Here you go" he said to the ghoul giving him an apologetic look and a bone(a centaur bone).

Psy layed his head down on the table and huffed. 'That dream told me to come to Felwood but why? I cant remember!" he thought clasping his aching head in his claws. Psy had dealt with his memory loss well, compared to others at least, but with only a few memories back after three years he was starting to give up hope he would ever find out about his past. All he knew was that he was in his late teens when killed and he was once a citizen of Pyrewood village, even though the dilapadated ruins provided no information for him.

Stone looked at his master and handed him an egg that was on the floor. "Whats this? Heh heh. Thanks Stone". Psy knew his ghoul meant well only trying to please him but sometimes he wondered if that walking corpse had an actuall sense of humor. Psy looked at it and could tell from it's smell that it was choclate. 'Maybe a waiter dropped this' he thought.

He walked over to the bar and asked the night elf woman, "Um excuse me. My ghoul found this egg. Did any of the waiters drop it on the way to a table?"
"Well, sir. That is one of the many eggs that are scattered across the tavern. The more eggs you have the better prize you get. Theres only 6 prizes though. There listed here." She pulled up a parchment with the written prizes. "16 eggs are scattered about of them had a 'tragic accident' earlier so there is now 15. Turn in that one egg and receive 2 gold or keep the ones you find and stack them up to receive a better prize."

((btw the list of prizes is in one of my above post ))
Psy read over the prizes and when he got to the last one he nearly fell over from shock. Recovering he said, "Y-you're serious? Thats a very....different prize." If he could still blush he had no doubt that his face would be a scarlet red at the moment. "Um, thank you for the offer on the gold but its fine. I get enough already from odd jobs and my travels. Besides, when one only needs to eat only every few days you tend to save up your money. Speaking of that, what are your specials?" Psy made a mental note to not react like that again. He's easily embarressed and always nervous around women, no matter what race. He has no idea why but intends to use that aspect of himself to try and find out his past.
A tall human waltzed along the road, whistling a happy toon as he strode through the eerie woods. Wearing a large red shirt with volumous sleeves, and with a cutlass strapped to to his side, the balding man looked like he would be more at home on a sea bound vessel than in these gloomy woods, and even sported an eyepatch to complete the look. As he rounded the bend in the road, he spotted a building on the side of the road that looked more out of place than he did.
"Well what do we have 'ere?" he laughed, "A half decent looking tavern? In these parts? Well call me a goblin and paint me green, looks like I may get some booze tonight after all." He then proceeded to approach and enter said tavern, swinging the doors wide open as he entered.
"Gimme an ale! Or a beer! Or anythin' with alchohol init really!" he shouted as he surveyed the tavern, taking a look at everyone present.

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