TGA screenshot format no longer enabled?

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I've tried to set the screenshotFormat "tga" numerous ways (/console and Changes made in-game are being saved properly in the config file. I can't get screenshots to be created in any format other than jpg.

Additionally, the screenshotQuality option appears to be completely ignored. If I stand in one spot and take two successive screenshots with it set to 2 and set to 9, I end up with two 407KB jpg files with no appreciable difference between them.

This is on a completely fresh install, no addons, 4.3.3 (15354). Permissions on /Applications/World of Warcraft are fine. This happens on both the 32 bit and 64 bit applications.
I'll inquire about this. I was unable to change the quality or format of the screenshots also.
It looks like they cut out TGA. Use PNG instead.
/console screenshotFormat png
/console screenshotQuality 10

If you are set on using TGA, for whatever reason, use the screencapture tool.
  • Click on Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • Enter the command defaults write type tga
  • Enter the command killall SystemUIServer

To take a screenshot,
Command+Shift+3 to save to Desktop
Command+Ctrl+Shift+3 to save to Clipboard
Command+Shift+4 to select Region and save to Desktop
Command+Ctrl+Shift+4 to select Region and save to Clipboard
Command+Shift+4 then Spacebar to select Window and save to Desktop
Command+Ctrl+Shift+4 then Spacebar to select Window and save to Clipboard
Thanks, setting it to PNG works perfectly. Quality options appear not to have no effect, but at least it gets rid of all the compression artifacts.
So, got more information back.

  • .tga is not a supported format for screenshots on Macs. This is due to the removal of the QuickTime APIs that was used for this.
  • The screenshotQuality cvar is not supported on Mac.

  • Just wanted to provide this as a follow-up/feedback :)

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