Garrosh Buff ICC Fix it for real!!

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Just to re-overstate the obvious, the Garrosh buff in ICC should only be able to be disabled by the raid leader. If you had a dime for everytime you heard that yopu'd be rich? Well at my $14.99/month x's 4 accts x 10 million other players, why doesn't Blizz do something about it?Part 2. f someoine from my raid comes back and kills LK on heroic, when i log back on it will say the boss is still up, 11/12 killed. I make a raid and take them there only to find the boss is dead... That could and should be fixed too. It could be tied by the raid id to show how many bosses are dead.
Totally Agree! And the worst part of it, if you want to stop on any Heroic Raid on the 2nd boss for example and other guy from the same raid want to continue without you, your lockout still showing you 2 killed bosses in heroic mode but once you go into the raid you will see the other bosses that the other guy killed with your same ID (LockOut) you basically you lose your time,the other people time and that guy screw you up.
So basically Blizz should automatly update all the raid members lock out once anyone kill any other bosses after some leave, so even if you are not onlineyour own lockout should be upgrade to dont make us lose our time, and other people time tho ;P

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