Terras' Starcraft 2 5k Gold Challenge

Moon Guard
Hi, I'm Terras. For the past few months I've been playing Starcraft 2 rather seriously and I think I've gotten pretty good. So, because I have nothing to do with my meager amount of gold I pose a challenge to anyone with an 85 on Moon Guard.

If you can take a best of seven series off of me, I will give you 5,000 gold. You don't have to pay me if you lose. I just want to play some good games that are exhilarating for both sides. I play Protoss and am in Master league.

So, if you like the idea, send me an in-game mail to either Nonia or Martul. I will do this until I run out of gold. Win or lose I'll post the replays in this thread.

My id is Vogue and my identifier is 381
This is actually a good idea, I would do it for the lulz, I'm not up to snuff against someone in masters. I play Terran.
she actually is.
Terras is the one that made me not suck at Starcraft. :<
I'll play you if you teach me the ways of the masters. Hell, I'll play you for !@#$s, just to see how badly I'll get my %^- handed to me.
Moar duels in Zangarmarsh
Bump, I added my SC2 id for ease of adding me.
bump, no mail yet and no messages on SC2. It's not like you have anything to lose besides confidence, really!
I miss SC2 :/ but I would never give you any sort of competition so the thought of playing would just be laughable.
Bump. Still no mail. Y'all mirin'
Last bump for now, come on. Seriously none of you want to play a videogame to win 5k gold?
I might try at some point. I'm terrible past the 15 minute mark though.
04/10/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Tirdray
she actually is.
!@#$ that. She's unbeatable.
Only a korean can beat a korean.
Bumping this because I still find it hard to believe that there's nobody on all of Moon Guard that won't play a game of Starcraft to win 5k gold.
People play LoL here.
What do I get if I lose to you seven hundred times?
While I'm super rusty on my SC2 abilities, I used to be pretty damn good, and wouldn't mind takin' on someone in the Master's League.

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