Death Star Driveby (4/16)

Currently Recruiting:

High Priority:
Tank(non warrior)

Low Priority:
Any Exceptional DPS

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday
8pm - 12am EST

Death Star Driveby previously know as Vulgar from Dragonmaw, was founded in March 2007. Throughout TBC and with the launch of WOtLK the guild was able to take several server firsts. During this time the guild aquired a high ranking kill; World 13th, Twins within Sunwell. At this time the guild is looking to return to this standard of performance.

Our expectations are simple: Perform optimally and knowledgeably. During progression raid time should be used efficiently by every member. Each player should excel in a competitive atmosphere. We expect encounter mechanics to be learned quickly and performed correctly on a continuous basis. Finally, and most importantly: Death Star expect our members to apply a positive attitude, adaptability and the ability to work with others without complaint.

If you are still interested then please contact Avine, Lepha or myself in game.

Apply at
I think this is the first Womp Rats thread I've seen since you've came here. Welcome to Sarg!
Howdy and welcome!
We've been here a while, just under a different name (aka Voltage) :)
Star Wars themed Guild. I like it.
bump needs updated
Bump for this awesome guild.
10/10 guild name.
Tell them mother!@#$ers 'bout this here Dark Side!
Pull up on your planet, Death Star drive-by!
And we'll beat the Rebels 'cause their skills ain't %^-*!

And in my TIE Fighter, Zig-zags stay lit!

Oh, !@#$! Yoda on the scene,
900 year fiend smoking Dagobah green!
%^-*!es on my tip, like Lando on liquor.

Ah, you're just jealous 'cause my black %*%*!#@*'s thicker.

Err... Bump.

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