Can a GM delete ingame mail?

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Just as the title says. This toon was made with the SoR on an old account and I forgot to delete the silly ingame mail you get for "turning 80"... My free 7 days ran out and now I cant transfer this toon onto my main account because of this hiccup...

Could I get a GM to maybe delete that mail for me? I know for a fact there is absolutely nothing in that box I will need/want.

Any help would be awesome, thanks!
They can, but you'd have to submit a petition asking for it to be cleared. Just make sure you include the character's name and server.
Yeah I put in a ticket but I hear its taking 3-4 days for them to respond unless its an urgent matter... I was hoping a blue would see this and take pity on me sooner heh

Thanks for the reply though! =D
04/09/2012 08:49 PMPosted by Mordreya
I was hoping a blue would see this and take pity on me sooner heh

We'd like nothing more than to help in simple cases, Mordreya, that often would lead to the opening of the flood gates for other such cases, so we are usually unable to just for that reason. :(

When I glanced are your issue though I was unable to find any mail in your character's mail box. >.> Perhaps give is another try?
Thanks Vrakthris, but a GM actually was able to complete my ticket within 15 minutes of creating it 0_o

They pewpew'd the crap outta the stuff in the box and now im just waiting for the transfer service to take mah money!

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