how to beat a hunter?

hello all i just started pvp recently along with my friend (whos a hunter btw) and i cant beat him now no matter how hard i try!
lol he always opens up on me i stealth like always and he hides in his flare with an ice trap behind him if i sneak over towards his side not even close to his trap it still gets me.

at this point i can either trinket then or be kited forever and if i root him he just masters call or silence/scatter shot me along with constantly slowing me making me have to form hop. i can get really close sometimes and ive managed to actually kill him a couple times but it just frustrates me to no end!

lol plz someone out there link me a video or something on how to kill a hunter! i know i have no chance against frost mages so idc about them....
Try starting in bear... rather get close to his flare while stealthed, then switch to bear and try to get a mangle on him.

See how the fight plays out for you, after that.
Be moonkin.
04/09/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Kronoin
Be moonkin.

lol at moonkin vs hunter. Boomy has 1 chance to beat a hunter and it's hard countered with a silencing shot.

The only way to beat a hunter as feral is to stay on top of him as much as possible and get big bleeds on him often. He can fear you, and kite you like crazy, so be ready for that. Try to save your skull bash for when he casts scare beast. Use feral charge every single he uses disengage, and never before. Don't be afraid to LoS to do some healing. Use bear form plus regen when you get low on health. You can beat him if you play smart, and use all of your forms. Don't forget to switch to bear and bash him for another free stun.

PS, In a bg, or open world pvp, he's not going to be standing around on an icetrap with a flare on top of him. You'll have a much better chance in situations other than duels. In the duel, you might be able to eat the trap and then hard cast entangling roots to get back on top of him, depending on how hard he hits. Always save feral charge for after he disengages.
You are talking duels or is your friend on the other faction and its world pvp?

Because duels are no measure of pvp really, hunters are a very good dueling class. If bgs or world pvp you stay on the hunter keep bleeds up watch for scare beasts bash it or shift let him det and disengage it opens the way for a charge or even a reprowl if not marked or dotted. When I am stuck on node duty I stay on prowl so I can call out inc and pounce clone to buy time till help gets there.
Get Feared by a hunter? -> Drop form prior to the fear
04/10/2012 07:40 AMPosted by Kakala
lol at moonkin vs hunter. Boomy has 1 chance to beat a hunter and it's hard countered with a silencing shot.

You forget how many hunters are bad.
This is what I do vs hunters in duels. I stealth like usual, I almost always get the opener and if he has a freezing trap and I get caught I trink it. Bleed him up and what not then when he disengages away I go bear and charge since it snares him for 5 seconds and i'll sometimes stun him as well. After that I like to pop berserk and shred spam him. Clone if you have PS up and if you need to. It's actually pretty easy to beat alot of them once you get the hang of it.
04/10/2012 07:40 AMPosted by Kakala
He can fear you


Kite? Sure.


How to beat a hunter as a feral (1on1)?

Turn up to the fight....
Better question is - How do you not beat a hunter?
04/10/2012 07:50 PMPosted by Terribledps
Better question is - How do you not beat a hunter?

a good hunter will beat a feral everytime.
How to beat a hunter as a feral (1on1)?

Turn up to the fight....

not even sure what this means.

Honestly get your 5 cp rip up on him asap. One full duration rip+rake is enough to bring him to 50% health or below. I usually do this through pounce---->build 5 cps before the stun is over.

If he has a trap under him and you know you'll be trapped when you open simply be ready to trinket.

If you keep getting caught in stealth then remember that hunter's don't see any better behind them than anyone else, even with track hidden. So make a wide arc around him and open from behind.

If you can't get in range of them, aka rooted with both root breaks down or some other nonsense then sit in bear. No sense taking extra damage.

Bear form charge on cd, this should be every 14 seconds if charge is glyphed, which it should be. Stay in that hunter's face and he will do little to no damage to you.

Shift scare beasts, and barkskin if you're trapped and he's setting up a trap--->aimed shot.

Oh almost forgot a really fun thing to do that confuses 99% of hunters lol, use PS procs to hibernate his pet. He won't be able to blind, etc and if he masters calls while his pet's hibernated it will use the CD but nothing will happen :).

And use skull bash as a second gap closer, nothing else if we're talking a true 1v1 situation.
Sit in kitty and let him kill you.
This is my main, my alt is a feral. If he sits in flare feral charge + ravage and go to work. Or just wait until the flare dies, you have like half a second to get on him before he flares again, but use pounce and then proceed to #@%%. It's not too hard really. Evenly skilled, a hunter will usually come out on top, but it sounds like you're dueling. In BGs or arenas there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to get the opener unless he just pops a lucky flare. Ferals are my second worst enemy in BGs and arenas, first are rogues. It's all about opening, if you can open we're done.
you know, its funny. we have a similar thread on the hunter forums. only its about how not to die as quickly against feral druids.
I don't know exactly what to say. I beat hunters very easily with all three specs. They are, in my opinion and experience as a druid, the easiest class to kill, but more difficult to run away from.
Never had a problem versus hunters. They melt so quickly and deterrence/disengage just postpones that by a few seconds. Even if he is sitting on flare, your pounce glyph means you can get one on him before it reveals you, and then it's all over. Shift out or kick scare beast.

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