Hold it ... theramore scene is horde only?

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We have NO official conformation of this event being only horde. Everyone who claims mmo-champion is saying that it will be horde only is wrong, they give an "IMPORTANT NOTICE" that tells us that it's not out yet and changes are likely to occur. It is also known that the scenario is in early development and requires a large amount of attention. You can worry when it's official or released.

The Horde loathes Garrosh.
Blizzard has "addressed" this by half-heartedly telling Alliance players that they'll be getting something cool "soon." This has been occurring since the Cataclysm beta started. "Soon" has either not yet arrived, of Blizzard honestly does not understand why Alliance players are upset. My money is on the latter, with Kosak's "faction favoritism" post being basically about how hard the Horde has it and that Alliance players should stop whining, and Metzen outright admitted in March that he thinks that Alliance complaints are baseless.

So no, they haven't addressed this. They've done the opposite. Hence why there's an Occupy the Official Forums movement going on right now.
04/10/2012 07:46 AMPosted by Ðevana
MMO-champ has only datamined the horde scenario so far...relax.These threads just make you alliance players seem like you really do live up to your popular stereotypes.

ug you do know if they datamined alliance only the OP would be on a horde making the same post.

Don't try to act like only moron play alliance horde have just as many.

Horde doesn't cry about favoritism.
04/10/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Callofdroody
Horde doesn't cry about favoritism.

Because they're the favorites. Why would they?

Because the Alliance killing Garrosh is another Horde victory. The Horde loathes Garrosh. We have to do the Horde's dirty work again so we can let Green Jesus be the hero, again.

You know what? I hope to god people like you are never in charge of running any country as you would be a detriment to your people. Ever hear the phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend? It is called strategy folks. Sometimes you have to hop in bed with people you may not necessarily like to achieve a common goal and especially if it is for the greater good. If you seriously think the Alliance leaders would rather leave Garrosh alone just to spite Horde even though it could potentially cost Alliance even more losses then Alliance deserves to lose to Horde each and every time from here on out.

Look, the reason the Horde win is because Metzen wills it. They have a smaller population and fewer resources. They have members (the Forsaken) who utilize the plague which is the WoW version of chemical and biological warfare on crack. They tell the Forsaken not to use it but don't actually stop them from using it. So much for the honorable Horde.

Their leaders don't trust one another right now and yet they make headway against an opponent who has superior numbers, superior resources, arguably superior technology and who's leaders, we are told, are more unified than ever before. Yet the Horde just pours some whippass on the situation and wins.

Logically, they HAVE to be overextended in both manpower and resources. The smart thing for the Alliance to do, once they learn that Garrosh is facing internal strife, is snipe at the edges of the Horde sphere of influence while that internal strife bleeds off troops and material from the war effort.

Then, once they've beaten each other a little bit (or a lot), if the threat is still there the Alliance should rally the neutral factions and deal with it, thereby scattering at least the orcs by destroying their capital city and severely weakening the Horde. Those neutral factions would agree to help because Garrosh is threatening the world.

But no, we're just going to go solve the Horde's leadership crisis with them and then hand them back their capital city like we've been friends since grade school.
Guys, I've found more info by datamining. There's a bit of info on the Alliance version of the quest. Only found one string, though.

"Pillows QQed into - 0/10".

Wonder what it means?
04/10/2012 08:12 AMPosted by Dahlianai
So to protest being left out of the lore, you're going to pay to change factions. That'll show 'em.

I'm sure there will be an Alliance side to the story.
I mean. Blizz can't really be like "Well. They won't care about what's happening anyway. They're losing a city! No one wants to watch their city burn."
It's quite the opposite, and they know that.

Have a little faith. I'm sure the Alliance version is on it's way.

Faith in what exactly? Metzen has dropped the ball hard on this expansion and this looks like more of the same stuff.

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