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I've met a few people who I truly consider friends. The first is my boyfriend, who I met back in BC. Four years later, we still have lots of fun whether it be in WoW or any other hobby (we've lived together almost 2 months after meeting).

The second would have to be my old guild leader from BC, when I actually tried sticking with a guild. I know her family from vent chatting and her RL friends are also my friends, as well as WoW buddies.

I thought I had true friends when I had my first guild on this server, but it turns out that some people will turn on you faster than I do when I see something pink and sparkly...
first week i started playing wow i met a player named runelord (this was in vanilla). he was level a 30 something, i was a scrub newbomgfailmeleehunter. he and i have been friends now for x number of years, he's watched me grow up from an awkward freshman to a now working/college man, as i've seen he and his wife pop out 4 wonderful children. we intend on meeting some day to cement our friendship, and have come quite close to doing so (he passing right through the city where i live!), but given my status as a "young adult" still, it's hard for me to make a trip half way across the country.
Yes and she knows who she is. I love her very much and every time she isn't busy with her guild/server for us to chat it up is a great day.
Ive made maybe 70 friends over wow and about 12 true friends on wow. All the other officers abd gm of my bc guild we where like family And about 5 others while lvling i still talk to them great ppl
Yes I have and I am very thankful for them. I have meet some of them in real life after meeting them in wow and I wouldnt trade them for the world.
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“Have you ever met a True Friend In-Game? If so, have you ever gotten their Real ID? If you left WoW for a while, did you stay in contact?”

Yes, I have.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I would. Especially if it was indefinite.

I don't really throw around the term 'friend', since a friend could mean 'someone I can bear to be around' or 'someone I pretend to bear'. This person is someone I'd prefer to be around, so I'd say that I can use the term friend here in a more factual way.
The internet can sometimes be the most wonderful thing ever invented by man, aside from indoor plumbing.

I have a few friends online and in WoW that i am glad to know of.
Real friends stab you in the front.
I have horrible anxiety IRL, very rarely do I keep IRL friends because I end up becoming terrified and not doing things with them, like going to lunch or movies. They get bored with me and leave. But... My best friend in the entire world was a guy I met on WoW, back at the beginning of Naxx. The first time I met him, I was shy and didn't want to leave vent in case he thought I was bailing on him like I do everyone else. We ended up chatting for three hours, and he unwittingly helped me get over my fear of using voice chat programs. We've been friends ever since, have expanded into other games, worked towards achievements together, leveled together, and just generally check up on each other each day. You're the bomb, Allaiva. I'll always have your back.
my true friend got ban for being a dummy lol
I came into World of Warcraft with some real life attachment, my brother and a close friend, and since we have made some very good friends and aside from the distance between us, they've become real life friends. Even since THEN I've made more and more friends that talk about more than just the game together and we've really become good real life friends. I've always said that the community in this game is one of the greatest I've ever experienced. This is the only game I've ever played in which I've made real emotional attachments and they drive me to lead my life differently then I might have if I'd never played.
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, General Discussion,
Today I come to ask you a question.. It’s some what of an odd question, because this is a game.. But...

(Original Post; clipped)

I personally have made "friends" in the sense that we would think of "acquaintances" out in the world, and I have their realID's. Most of them are my guildies, the others are people I work or have worked with, but those were actual friends before/when I started playing WoW.

My wife, on the other hand, has indeed found what I would consider a "True Friend". This person was a guild leader for her a few years ago, before she took a break from WoW, and has always been there to help both of us, or our guild, whenever we need it. I'm not going to go into too much detail as far as their friendship is concerned, but she would say she knew he was a true friend when he began referring her as his sister, even when speaking to his wife or kids.

World of Warcraft has done some amazing things for me and my group of people. I can only hope that the majority of posts before mine are similar stories. Holding out hope for the side of the community that does not get brought to light much on the forums.

Oh, and wonderful post OP, we need more positivity. *twothumbsup*

EDIT: Word Clarification
There are actually quite a few people I've held close since my coming to WoW in early BC. One example of this being my old Guild Master back on Stormrage before I transferred off.. She and I are still in contact of a variety of out of game ways.
Short answer: yes
Long answer: Hell yeah! I joined a guild and met lots of new people. A few of them i speak to more than my parents that i live with. My guildies are as important to me as my real friends. Some times we fight but u get over it. Some new people come, some leave just the same as real life. My guildies that live in the same city as me are planning a fishing trip! looking forward to it.
Good morning all. Keep the stories coming! They all make me smile. :)
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And another one of my real ID buddies, she knows who she is. Love her to bits, and she knows i would do whatever to make her feel better when she's feeling down. Caus she knows her big bro will be here for her no matter what. Silly little belf pally. :P
Much love. ❤
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Real friends stab you in the front.
At least it's not in the back...

Unless it's a rogue.. Then they stab you in the back none the less... ;p
Oh, and wonderful post OP, we need more positivity. *twothumbsup*
Wow, great story! And thank you. It means a lot that people are sharing their stories, and that they are enjoying the thread. :)
I actually made a lot of friends back in Vanilla. I found out that the majority of one of the raiding guilds on Alliance Mal'Ganis was in Arizona. So I hit up their forums and then started hanging out with a lot of them. When my guild collapsed, I ended up joining them.

I also met my first good and real friend on that same server but a year or so before. Went to visit him and another friend for spring break and play WoW and raid the whole time. As well as visit their city.

I still keep in touch with a few of the guys from the raiding guild and my first friend still chat and we hung out in person when he was travelling through Arizona.

There are a few friends I made in TBC that I wish I was still in contact with, but I don't think they play the game anymore. I could probably go to the guilds forum and ask about them, but I haven't quite worked up to that. :P
This is a really great thread Nimila, thx :)

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