[A-25] <Brothers of the Fallen> is recruiting

Moon Guard
<Brothers of the Fallen> is recruiting for 25-man raiding Alliance-side!

Hello Moon Guard,

<Brothers of the Fallen> is a friendly and casual raiding guild where raiders can obtain the satisfaction of progression without feeling the burden of a progression-based guild. We are currently looking to rebuild our roster so we can continue to focus on 25-man content and require 3 healers and 3-4 Ranged DPS. Also, we are welcoming raiders that plan on creating a Panda in the new expansion but want to continue raiding until then.

Healer Priority:

Druid = High
Shaman = Medium
Priest = Medium
Paladin = Medium

Ranged DPS Priority:

Priest = High
Warlock = High
Mage = Medium
Druid = Medium

<Brothers of the Fallen> has been around since BC and has been raiding 25 man content. Recently we lost a handful of core raiders due to RL circumstances and are looking to fill up our roster so we can continue raiding DS 25 Heroics. Our 25s progress is currently 1/8 Heroic, but our 10s have cleared 5/8 H. If you are interested, feel free to apply at www.brothersofthefallen.com or contact myself or any other guild member in game.

We need healers?
...except for Yukine.

Brothers of the fallen is currently recruiting a healer to heal our healer because we heard that healers need to be healed by healers too.
Bump for keeping 25-mans alive. ^-^
Thanks Evangelina - we're trying! You guys are doing great btw :)
Wachu talkin' bout? Healers dont need healing.Also, faceroll bump.
Join our guild and I will send you unsolicited ERP tells.
Thanks Evangelina! Trying to keep the dream alive.
Undead Blight Puppy bump.
Tyrion Lannister dressed as Colonel Sanders bump.
It's the Bopplez bump!
WTB more 25-man raids bump!
Back to page one with you! Scurvy recruitment thread!
Pre-Raid bump.
Lunchtime bump for casters!
Good luck guys!
I miss ulduar with you guys, 5 druids with Macros to Innervate Kadas, and Door Strat Twins in ToGC.
I miss you guys!
Bump for more innervates!
bump for Art sighing in vent when the raid wipes >_>
Bump for Moses saying "Fair enough".

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