Thoughts on the New JC Mounts

Simply put, they look amazing, although I think the Black one that requires the other 4 needs to be more visually striking. As it stands, I'd be happy with just the Red or Blue one.
What JC mounts ?

Scroll down a tad past Blizzard's latest gimmick hawk in the pet store, and you can see JC cats.

Rather awful-looking, to be honest. But I don't care what they look like; So long as they increase my total number of mounts owned, I'll be satisfied.
When I first saw them, I thought it was a tribute/parody of the old school Voltron cartoon. XD
I think its will be stupid and unfair if jc;s can craft 4 different mounts that are boe . I have a engineer and alch , they can only make one each and the mats are $$. If jcs can make 4 different ones im going to reroll a profession to make huge amounts of gold
It's already a great profession, Frontal. :)
04/13/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Digerati
It's already a great profession, Frontal. :)

And everyone should already have alts with maxed Everything by now. I can't wait for my own kittycat mount! Don't care what color - all looks the same in shadowform. =)
These new JC mounts have single handedly kept me from buying any more TCG mounts for personal use. Looking forward to them.
The Voltron theme song came to mind.
Seeing the blue one...does it require lots of blue gems to make? Cause I will be making a crap load just to spite those damn zephyrites and sapphires.
from what i seen. they changed the mats requireing rare gems and a living steel etc. to something really expensive.

aka crafting requires 5 of a special gem (price tbd) can only be bought by vendor.
04/13/2012 08:18 PMPosted by Federalism
The Voltron theme song came to mind.

"From days of long ago...from uncharted regions of the universe...comes a legend."

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