Why do you play your DK?

Death Knight
04/10/2012 10:50 PMPosted by Sajmodé
We have the coolest looking gear.
No you dont, shamans have.
To tank.
This poor guy was relegated to scribe only duties and collecting dust. So the other day I thought 'f#%k it' and started the Loremaster grind on him. Man I forgot how much I love being a blood dk. Even in pvp blood is a hell of a lot of fun.

Something tells me my mage main and the rogue and priest I have been leveling up will be the ones collecting dust for a while :p At least until MoP comes out.

Fun, fun, fun!!
Frost DKs are very similar to Enhancement Shamans in terms of playstyle, but I enjoyed the aspect of being a Death Knight more. In addition, we can solo most raids as blood. :D
I just love the idea of the class, being able to summon undead zombies. Using the powers of blood, unholy magic and bitter ice. My fav plate class, love the different abilities and utilities we have at our disposal. Love being able to solo most content for fun :3
We have the coolest looking gear.
No you dont, shamans have.

You know what DKs and shaman share? We all have opinions.
Something about the class. I can't put my finger on it. But I love it.
rolled it to listen to the haters hate
I'm rerolling rogue.
Because i can do 24k on h ds and beat dps in blood spec aswell as lore and, who cant forget the sexy t11 transmog set
The reasons I play a DK:

1. Combination of magic and melee combat.

2. More active playstyle and fast paced, makes me feel like I'm playing some of my other games where being fast and reacting even faster is key.

3. The idea of melee necromancer intrigues me and while I use to be against playing classes that revolved around undead or demons, they are starting to appeal to me more than the traditional classes.

4. Being able to use ams to be immune to magic damage and gain massive amounts of runic power to quickly launch a gargoyle or just simple spam DCs until no tomorrow.

5. Having a purple bubble. <3

6. Out of all the classes I've played, it's the only (at least until I try monks) that provides the most fun and feels right to me.
Personality. Similar stories, and a great loss ending in their lives, same as mine.
I also play cause I found my class here, as it's compatibility and play style.
I like dk. DK> ALL.
Tanking with 2 handed weapons.

Was able to solo most group quests as blood.

In love with all the spells. I miss some of them (used to use corpse explosion on bad party members as an act of shaming them for failure).

Getting compliments from party members when they realized I knew what I was doing (when they usually got terrible ones).
At first, I just wanted to try out a DK, and wasn't really too impressed, but once I went Unholy, I loved it, and has become my main. Also, the ability to easily solo some dungeons, and raids for mounts is just awesome.
Easiest class to play.

1) Spam random buttons

2) Not the lowest on DPS meter

3) Profit
It's mostly because of my tastes in a certain kind of fantasy heroes.

From a mix of dabbling in fantasy lore and nerd-quibbling with childhood friends, I always despised the stereotype that labelled melee heroes that had big armor to protect their friends as dumb.

I always loved the idea of melee people with big armor but use magic. Unlike ranged casters who use their intelligence for what they are naturally good at, plate casters use magic to synthesize the effect of someone who is physically strong (i.e. use thinking to do something that they were not born for). Also melee casters main weakness tends to be that they are not agile, and out of bravery, intelligence, and speed, speed is something that I am most willing to part with.

That's why I love death knights and paladins. I've not played any other class seriously for a long time.

I honestly don't know why I'm still playing this DK, especially since what they did to the class after WOTLK. I guess because I already spent a lot of time invested in him and because I'm hoping that eventually they will get it right.

At the moment, though, I'm focusing on my warrior and my mage.

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