Warrior t14

The orange one looks like a rehashed rogue t13...

But honestly I've taken a liking to the black/gold set, although that helmet looks pretty horrid, ahh well goggles for me anyway until a heroic tier helm or off piece.

I do like the separated plates with chain mail underneath looking more like armor from the medieval period.
glad i'll have finished getting the pally t10 lookalike gear from icc by then
Wow that looks terrible.

It is a shame when they make a new !@#$ty tier, they can just say well go transmog.

I prefer new tier gear so nothing to look forward to with this new raid tier sigh.
I like it quite a bit.
The helm is just.... what?

I'm going to feel like pinsir from pokemon.

I don't think the shoulders are rounded well enough. Too pointy.
04/11/2012 11:45 AMPosted by Fatalfuror
To be fair, Humans make every set look absolutely terrible. Human model is just atrocious, especially the male one.

Says the worgen =O
04/10/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Samayael
Still gonna wear T8, though. Man I love T8 so much.
Hmm, i dont know. Im starting to get an immortal king vibe from the black set.
Just looks like re-skinned / re-colored versions of rogue T13.

Kinda disappointing.
I kinda like it.
04/10/2012 10:20 PMPosted by Bamf
What the hell is this?...Oh well, that's what xmog is for.

Yeah, I'll be transmogging to this H T13 stuff for sure.
I hate it, i just can't believe that blizz is going back to the tin plate, this IS bad, would be nice being a quest set, or even a dungeon, but not a tier, the final stage of the gear.
I am so disappointed, i really enjoyed every single tier since t8, and this one is ridiculous.

And wowhead already have the 3d models, still look bad in other races.
I think the set looks pretty awesome outside of the helm.

Even the helm would be alright if they had something to cover the face.
The 3D models look OK on most of the horde races, IMO. Undecided on the helm, but I do like the chain mail that d**#@s on the back of it.
If you want to see how the gear looks on all the models go http://www.wowheadnews.com/#.
    Scroll down to models
    Click the tab that says, Warrior Tier 14
    Click the image of the Female Human Warrior that is wearing the color of your choice
    Change model to your race and gender
Unlike a lot of you i thought the look for the warrior t14 looks great they where going for japans warrior look of a samurai, my only suggestion is instead of having an open mask substitute that with a mogu facial mask to cover your face so that it can embody that samurai look much better and authentic since most helmets of samurai have a dragon mask to intimidate the enemy
.....looks like a Hunter set to me.


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