[A:RP-PvP] Sentinels of the Blade

Emerald Dream
Niaha stood quietly atop the western tower of Feathermoon Stronghold. She watched with quiet satisfaction as a small band of Sentinels practiced their drills in the yard below her. The small band bore a familiar tabard, emblazoned in purple and black, with a large dagger showing boldly upon each chest... the Sentinels of the Blade. Though they were still a small force to behold, they were gaining numbers daily. Niaha could never fully express her gratitude for the Druid Fafen's efforts... nor did she ever expect to hear praise for her own efforts in seeking out those of like mind and bringing them back to the Stronghold. The task was tedious, but one Niaha would forever relish if it meant the survival of her people and their sacred ways of life.

"Yes," she mused to herself, "we shall gather more and in due time we shall be a force to be reckoned with."

She smiled to herself and turned to seek out Shandris Feathermoon. They had much to discuss...

((Sentinels of the Blade is medium-heavy Rp-Pvp guild open to all Night Elf and Worgen players. We rp as an elite sentinel force and are active in skirmish style wpvp and enjoy interacting with various other guilds in such activities. For more information please check out our website at: sentinelsoftheblade.guildlaunch.com))
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Aitana listened to Machik as he recounted the latest battles with the Sentinels of the Blade. She was proud of the way her clan had fought, but she wished she had been able to join them in.
*Bows her head towards the Sentinels of the Blade*

Glory to the Alliance. Luck find it's way to your people.
Rinoa reveals a certain look of distaste as she is seen reflecting.

"Nationalism is something to be looked down upon... It can only lead to trouble." she muttered almost silently.

((why shouldnt a human be able to champion the causes. Wow is set in modern times after lore so it could happen after the lore.))

((You have to remember, most all nelves that are alive are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Kind of hard to break a habit that has been with your for an uber long time. And not all nelves are like us. We're just more 'traditional'.))
((Also, Night Elves don't ave the same amount of respect for humans as they have for each other. The hundreds/thousands of years old thing tends to increase one's wisdom beyond what a mortal is capable of. Or insanity. Depending on your viewpoint!))
((another way Ive looked at it is night elves have the luxury of time on their side...like Gheim here could very well been in druidic training for 50 or so years. a human who went through that would be middle aged by then and would not be able to keep up with a spry young night elf. its nothing personal, we are just very tradtional in our guild RP))
((Bumping again. Had some spontaneous and ridiculously fun wpvp with Gor'Watha last night in Ashenvale. And I only got 3 hours of sleep because of it XD But I would do it again.))
Do you guys have a lvl req? I just rolled on this server, so she is a fresh lvl 5. I plan to have both her (a priest) and a druid up to 20 by the weekend.
((We don't have a level requirement :) I should be on most of the evening. Feel free to whisper me.))
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With a small sigh, the druidess looked at the crowded message board in Darnassus. No simple advertisement would be noticed in this mess. She grinned a little, reaching into her bag; it was lucky, then, that she didn't have just a simple advertisement.

Taking great care, Fafen unrolled a large piece of parchment and tacked it to the board, covering up more than a few other notices hung there. She eyed her handiwork for a moment, then with a satisfied nod, turned and walked away.


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