Warrior T14 (and Monk gear.)

Moon Guard

It's okay. Not something that screams "WANT!" to me, but it works.

EDIT: Monk gear


Not sure what to think.
Wow looks nice. My Warrior is going to look so cool.

Monk is Meh. Its ok.
That monk gear looks.... euh....The warrior gear is not favorable in my eyes, but it is flashy.
Oh wow, digging the chainmail beard. And the monk one is awesome! They're like a walking barfridge.
Wow both of those look fantastic.

The monk's will look killer on a pandaren with the mini-keg and stretched vest like that.
Monk gear looks cool if you pretend the hat isn't there.
Warrior looks interesting...
The helmet on both sets is terrible.
Warrior T13 is still superior. The Deathchin has spoken.
it's T2 all over again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'll probably use (and love) the set, though.

Won't wear the helm.
04/10/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Gulmorgron
that's totally what a monk would wear


take off the shoulders and hat and it really does look like what a monk would wear

(also, challenge mode armor, thankfully)
i like the comments where people act like the gear looks like !@#$, and that maybe they could do better. well i think maybe you should go up to blizzard and ask for a job creating the gear for wow. the gear looks fine to me just because you cant do this doesnt mean that you should put down some one elses hard work.

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