so, heres my idea, suggestion, request .

a set up similar to the RFC. pick a building in org (i guess storm wind too....) add a portal to it.
change the "raid id" or w/e its called used in dungeons and raids, set it up for a guild ID instead.

start off with a bare room, with a bleacher set up and a podium (for guild meetings, to help promote guild members gathering in game more often, we lack this )
maybe have a guild vendor in there. and a guild bank (keep everything else out of it, so ppl will remain in the city, instead of hiding in the guild hall)

then you are left with all kinds of options for future patches, or expansions be it adding trophies for guild group raid kills, or a tapestry. maybe a limited amount of options to customize the inside , or a tapestry that matches our tabards.

i know blizz does not like petitions, and most of the suggestions never come to fruition, so, ill cross my fingers and hope others see this post and think its a good idea.
Good idea!
I think it is good that Blizzard has declared they will never implement guild halls. It's not that they don't know how, it's that they don't want people to disengage further from the game.
first , i addressed that issue , if you had read more than the title ;), 2nd, did they also say we would NEVER be allowed to change the look of our gear?. also. i could be wrong , but i do believe guild halls were intended to be added, but got pushed to the side, and then later the "empty city" thing came up

Its not hard to keep players in the city, they will always need AH, trainers, personal banks , ect ect ect. only thing it should have inside the guild hall, is a set of bleachers, a podium , and possibly a vendor to sell the guild perk items, ..(duels not allowed, pet battles not allowed). and down the road,could easily add a tapestry with guild raid kills. if you honestly think that keep players from populating the cities. try to go stand next to the guild vendor, and turn off trade & general chat. and face the nearest wall, so you cant see any other players, except other guildies who go face the wall with you.

but, just to put your mind at ease, lets talk it out.

guild item vendor
guild meetings
no trolls ( i admit, i didnt want to include this one, bc it kinda hurts my side of the debate)
auction house
professions (trading, lvling, buying, selling)
looking for groups
lets be honest, ppl with the best gear,.. want to be seen
^ mounts
im sure there are more for both, but i think this is enough for now
wow is THE social game. meaning the majority of the players are here for the social aspect and will tend to migrate to a place for it

EDIT. no more class trainers in mists apparently
Would be an awesome guild lvl 30 perk......... then again, 10% off of a retarded price on something we rarely use could be useful also >.>
With the Ethereals handling Void Storage, Transmog, and Reforging, this idea would not be a stretch.
Id rather hide in the guild hall or player house and still speak through trade lol
thats the wrong direction tho, if we ever want to see it in game, we need to make sure we don't divert to things that will help their "ppl will stop gathering in major cities"

if we keep all vendors except the guild perk/item vendor.

no auction house.

no repairs.

MAYBE a guild bank

keep it really simple at first, so that IF blizz decides they like it, there is room for improvement, like te guild kill tapestry and other decorations, but functionality still needs to be kept to a min. just a gathering place for guild meetings (bc organization is important with guilds) and a place guildies can meet to do chants, gem cuts, ect.

its a long shot to get it implemented, but the more posts, and attention it gets the better the odds are.

hell, id be more willing to pay real cash (a 1 time fee) to give my guild a guild hall, than a pet or mount. it would obviously be better to keep it free, or a guild perk, the point is, a really large player base would love to have this feature.

and for the negative nancys,by all means,form your own opinion, just be able to back it up either way, and "blizz said they wouldnt" is not a valid point. bc blizz has said many things would never happen at one time or another.

changing looks of our gear, flying in azeroth , communication between factions (real ID) to name a few.
That word tapestry is making me think of, well.. something kind of looking like the Call Boards, but on it it shows all the guild first raid boss kills and such, also showing who was part of that kill and when, even though it's already in the achievement tab it could be more in depth, perhaps.

I'm not sure about Halls being implemented though, since Blizz wants people to not just sit around in cities, and if it's just a portal from somewhere in Org/SW to get there and back, not having AHs et al in the Halls wouldn't make much difference.

Maybe if they start with putting VP/Honor vendors and the ethereal service buildings in each of a faction's home cities so people can at least choose which city they want to stay in most the time...
I had my own idea for a guild hall type area which went into a little more detail than the previous idea that I read.

Implimenting Guild Halls:

A guild hall would be a perk that guilds earn at max level cap (say for instance the current 25). Each guild gets their own instanced hall and a guild ability to teleport to their own hall (an ability like Mass Ressurection). Each guild hall would consist of a courtyard and a castle or keep surrounded by a wall (reason for wall will come later).

In the courtyard of the Guild Hall there would consist training dummies and Class/Proffesion trainers.
Inside the castle or keep would be several different rooms including a basement that acts like a personal/guild bank. Have the normal bank setup with the personal banks on either side of the room with a vault at the back. The guild vault is a sealed room that contains what would appear to be gold, but the door is selectable to open the vault screen (like in the regular banks).
The layout for the castle/keep of the guild halls would be standardized with nodes that each guild can customize for a small fee (decorations and the like, to make the halls asthetically pleasing/suited for each individual guild). The nodes would be for the guild leader to customize with the counsil of his advisors for what they feel the guild should represent.

The gate and walls would have banners with the guild's respective logo/colors on them in set locations around them and a banner in the middle of the courtyard.

Added function for Guild Halls:

With the implementation of guild halls, Blizzard can add a Guild vs. Guild system where guilds can raid other guild's halls for about 10% (variable) of the gold in the guild's vault (A message would say that a successful raid occurred and 10% Gold was plundered, though no actual gold disappears the successful raiding guild adds the plundered amount into their own guild vault) by holding the vault for about the time it takes for a flag to be captured in resource PvP matches. When a guild hall raid occurs, the guild being raided gets messages saying that their hall is being raided (like when a faction attacks a location belonging to the opposite faction)

The wall plays an important part because the gate is closed and takes time to open, on the wall are automatic turrets that deal a percentage of damage to a player or area every few seconds (for instance, 10% damage every 5 seconds). Once the gate is open, the raiding guild cannot bring more members into the raid. A guild may only raid another guild's hall once a week. (all numbers and data are subject to change)

Once a guild hall raid is initiated the guild hall instance is expanded into a valley that is normally locked and the guild targeted for a raid would be protected from another raid from occuring both during and for a time after the raid. Also, during the raid both guilds are locked out from other guilds targeting them.

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