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where you at man i've got a few vouchers for my gym to come train with the party krew, hmu when you get the chance, offer wont last long , leave me a message on the forum
Man oh man! You don't even know! That foo moved to Canada too hangout with his seal homies and he no longer has access too the interwebs because he lives in an igloo with his eskimo brothers.
Isn't that alaska! I think you been lied to kittygasm D':
you would know about that slop
valdin's alt run slopping it harder than gasm this week inc 7/8hm
acrylic are you getting mad on the forum?

cause i detect some amount of madness in your posting
you are like the new mushin
Remember guys Acrylic only ranks when they don't log?
That slop he has much of it!
maybe you need to go to Snokey's Gym he can probs deal with your slop?
as hard as douevenlift getting at defines amirite
I see none of these ranking bro. Remember you don't log so you clearly can't rank :P
You kill heroic spine yet Acrylic im almost 1550 on my alt rogue?
04/11/2012 06:05 AMPosted by Snokey
as hard as douevenlift getting at defines amirite

>douevenlift receives death threat
>douevenlift getting at defines
>at defines
get out
defines didnt get banned tho?

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