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>douevenlift receives death threat

prove it
And that means it didn't happen right
04/11/2012 06:28 AMPosted by Snokey
prove it
>douevenlift receives death threat

prove it

Bro he proved it. Legit! Still no ban tho lolwut?
i think that screenshot was taken out of context definitely not a death threat, i mean who would use a baseball bat, cricket bats are where its at
Yeah I must have misinterpreted "Beat you to death with a baseball bat", Silly me
yeh it happens just don't let it happen again
Its a common mistake.
only generally made by those is sloppy guilds such as yourself
watching you duel on your rogue hurts my eyes, you can't even keep a recup and a slice up.
this is why you can't break 1550

Rogues are so hard man, not to mention underpowered this season.
04/11/2012 06:36 AMPosted by Snokey
prove it
Considering how often I pvp on my rogue nor care for it on the toon it's not really suprising I don't have 1550. But dw i'll have soon cause 1550 is hard n stuff?

Altho then again you seem to struggle to do arena without being carried by people?

______________________ = 1750 for Acrylic
Good Players (who hes carried by)
______________________ =2300 for your warlock!
Rank 1 players (or near abouts)
Yes he is indeed the best, He will teach you how to play it if you like?
so what you are trying to say is not able to kill spine at 15% nerf
with 3 staffs and legendary daggers no way!

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