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I transfered to Scarlet Crusade recently to try out RP, and there is pretty much no RP on it at all.

Are there any US RP servers that have actual RP going on? Every time I look up a different server, I just hear about how RP is dead on it. I don't want to do Moonguard for obvious reasons, and I don't like the Alliance to Horde ratio of Wyrmrest.


Is Cenarion Circle any good?
Moonguard is awesome if you avoid Goldshire. l-l
04/11/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Marniale
Moonguard is awesome if you avoid Goldshire. l-l

But it's full most of the time.
I love CC and I think you will love it as well, we have chat channels for rpers and a wonderful bunch of people willing to help you out. Here is a good link to get some ideas.
04/11/2012 07:23 PMPosted by Karavaelia
I love CC and I think you will love it as well, we have chat channels for rpers and a wonderful bunch of people willing to help you out. Here is a good link to get some ideas.

I think CC is where I'm going to transfer. I just hate spending money to do it again so soon.
Check out Earthen Ring's RP community at:
It's never full when I'm on. :) Which is all day, everyday! Seriously, I'd wuv to have you. :3
04/11/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Hallinton
I recommend Goldshire, on Moon Guard.

Only cuz that's where you are.
Wyrmrest Accord and Moon Guard for more random RP
Cenarian Circle and Earthen Ring for more guild and event based RP
04/11/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Hallinton
Only cuz that's where you are.

Not usually on Hallinton though. :p

*Que Jaw's music*

Moonguard. It has amazing rp guilds and if you want to be a lone wolf then that's okay because everyone role plays. Although you do get those trollers. But not much.
It really all depends on what you are looking for and your level of maturity. If you do not mind the senseless prattle of adolescents trying to act cool and talk about imtimacy in a junior hgih school level, then by all means inviade MG's Goldshire and have fun.

If you are looking for random rp and lots of interaction even if most of it is silly and has no basis in lore, then Moonguard or Wyrmrest are great servers for that.

If you are looking for story driven rp that carries on for a length of time and gets you totally involved and immersed...good luck. That is hard to find on every server. There are good rpers on almost every rp server, finding them and breaking down the cliquey barriers they put up in defence because of trolls who don't care, is the tricky part.
Marasalle, if you say that Moonguard has no rp that uses Lore, you obviously NEVER RPed in the right places. Examples of guilds and RPs that follow lore: Clergy of the Holy Light, League of Lordaeron(I would believe, never RPed with them.) and many others. Ignore Goldshire, NEVER go there, and if you level a bit, you might find a nice little spot in one of the big guilds, although not the likeliest thing, you can join a guild that consorts with a big guild, as I did on my priest. Even if it's full, when I log on, it's always instant-no wait.
If you read my post you will notice I did NOT say that all rpers on MG disregard lore. I merely said"most" of the random rp in MG is lacking in anything resembling lore. Not ALL of it.

It is a sheer numbers thing. The more people that rp in MG, the more of the "catgirls, vampires, half dragon, half elf, half murloc and whatever else does not exist in lore" will see. There are excellent rpers on MG, both sides of the factions.

Help me out here much of a percentage do you see even in your tiny corner of MG that is actually lore compliant and thoughtful rp?
Definitely roll on Cenarion Circle. We've got our share of non-role players, but our RP community is strong, active and growing. We're always happy to welcome another role player! Just check out (same thread as was linked above) for all the information about our server you could want.

Contact me personally if you roll Alliance side Waggner, I'll set up whatever character you roll with some basic bags at least. Or contact anyone from Pia Presidium, they stockpile useful stuff for lowbies.
If you are up for a challenge, check out my thread and send me a whisper in game when you roll. We are looking for more to join the Fellowship!

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