Misted Legends (OOC 3)

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04/22/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Sarinda
Post is up Vyn, but you know if you continue doing these things Im gonna start asking about them, so I would stop these Horrid things before you have a very angry holy priest out for your head :P
I can't stop what my character would do, as much as I would like to do so but I can delay it. For the time being, my character shouldn't get too upset over things. I'd have to say that a little less than a week should be good before he should have to do so again. Hopefully our journey should be almost finished so my legendary questline should be finished so things should be better than before, provided that he has lot of enemies to defeat of course.

Edit: Btw post is up.
You having a legendary weapon would only help you kill me >:(
But if you had a legendary, you'd be able to destroy him with holyness! :P
Alright, i'm just going to have my warrior stumble into the pandarian village, chasing after the bird, since the fighting is mostly done.
Which one? The one with Seth or with everyone else?
Wait so Seth aint at Halfhill?
No. I am somewhere completely different than everyone else
The one with everyone else.
Awww...I'm still gonna be waiting till Lavi comes back then. :/
Sorry Gotcha, I really don't understand what you're doing at the moment, and the crane thing was leading me back to the main group, so I really couldin't end up near you.
Its fine Gav :) and grats on 85 too XD
Thanks =D
Go GAV! Cheers to level 85s! :P good job anyway, come back Lavi, pwease, we need more post :P
Yea...very bad...I'm literally sleeping in the side of a tent ..... *sigh*
I went to Gavoon to give him something to do and told Vyn he could cook the animal so I gave almost all the people but Dristis something to do :P
I've got something I'm thinking up.

I have yet to find out whether or not Caesar has been taken from the original camp.
Caesar is with me.
Dristis could go out exploring trying to find Caesar and run into Gotchas village, could he?
I just went to the beach to find him, but to no avail. In my next post I could run into a village. I haven't decided.
I think I like your crankiness more then I like what Vyn does when hes mad :P\

Wait a question popped in my head, Vyn how did the Pandaren live through you practically cutting him apart.

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