Glad FPS

This game is more processor intensive than anything else. Sure a bad a$$ video card wont hurt. In 25 man raiding on my tri core even at lowest settings I still cant get past 30 fps on lowest settings. In arenas I get 60 with v sync on and about 90 with it off this is pretty much ultrad out outside of shadows.

Arenas will run on a trs 80.

If you want to do 25 man raiding you need a solid processor. I would say a quad core at 3.5 gig plus is a must at this point if you wanna avoid the slide shows.
I get like 130.

It's amazing.

My friend says he gets like 15 but he still plays well, but gets annoying sometimes when he misses crap a lot because of it.

8 is just way to bad.
My fps is normally around 20 if my laptop is cool. When it heats up I get down to as low as 12 fps but stay regularly at 15-18 fps.

I am running a 2600k @ 4.4ghz 8gb ram and SLI GTX 580's.
04/12/2012 09:43 AMPosted by Kreyyn
I am running a 2600k @ 4.4ghz 8gb ram and SLI GTX 580's.

Jesus christ, and how much did you pay for that?
i dont think the human eye can detect that many fps anyway.

and the hrz isn't something you notice either unless you're like 8 feet away and looking at a 60 inch tv.
04/12/2012 07:08 AMPosted by Meekaã
I play between 20-30fps and it does not hider me at all(cept maybe ring of frost is a !@#$% to see)

Tick "projected textures" RoF impossible to miss.

Thank me later.
04/12/2012 08:21 AMPosted by Kreyyn
I play the game maxed out and get 150-200fps on a 120hz monitor.

Only need 120 - computer is refreshing screen faster than your monitor can update.

04/12/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Xiun
I get like 130.

And you Xuin

Refresh rates (time), hertz (1/time) etc are all different ways of saying fps.

I think some top end TVs will do 600hz but need fake frames inserted.

On topic - 8 is aweful.
They say you can't see past 60FPS.

With my setup, I run dual 24inch 120Hz. I browse the web/game/etc on my other monitor and my WoW still gets 100+FPS.
120 fps all the time in arena with maxed out graphics 16x multisampling. That's with v-sync on a 120hz monitor of course.
I play with 6 fps and about 120 latency. My computer is powered by a very tired hamster running on a hamster wheel I've MacGyver'd on to my tower. I'm thinking about upgrading to a coal powered system though. However I'm not a glad, just a !@#$ty duelist. :/
I play at a solid 60FPS constantly, graphics are on Good with View Distance and Particle Density
i can imagine their computers are alot stronger cause they're paid to play and often have sponsors which allow them to upgrade alot easier, for instance Swifty(Settle on the hate this is an example) because he gets paid to play instead of the other way around he got a brand new Nvidia GTX680 on it's day of release.

So to answer your question, glads would be playing at a constant 60 with the majority of the settings maxed and a high resolution.

Is it even posible to get to 2200 with less then 60 fps?

My roommate got 2200 with me at about 5 fps on a really bad laptop running WLS.
Those saying you can't detect better than 30 or 60 fps are sort of right, sort of wrong.

If you ever actually have a computer that jumps betwen 55-65 fps it's detectable that your FPS is dropping. If you have a computer that runs well over 100 fps the game is noticeably smoother.

If you have a 120hz monitor you can generally see an improvement there as well...

Though the game looks quite nice if you don't drop below 45 or so in my opinion.

On topic: At one point I had 500 fps in WoW. Get @ me.
You would be best off heading to the Hardware forums and asking Kal this question. He can send u in the right direction with computers.
Saw a glad warrior with an addon showing constant 120 fps

anything over 30 your eye cannot tell the difference.

I wish I had a 120hz Monitor, I get up to 100 FPS, but I can't display it because I have a peasant monitor. =[

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