<Nailed It>(6/6N)Recruitment Thread!

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<Nailed It>
Level 25--Mal'ganis Horde

We are in search of RBG leads!

Raid Teams & Times

Team: Plan B (5/6)
Lead: Gabborn
Friday - Monday: 8:30a
Speak with Gabborn in game
Needs: Back Up

Team: All or Nothing (AoN) (3/6)
Lead: Darkestpally
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 6:00pm - 9:10pm CST
Speak with Darkestpally in game
Needs: Blood DK/Brewmaster Monk, Boomkin, Mage SPriest

Team: Totes Cray Cray (TCC) (4/6)
Lead: Tessaiga & Yurta
Thurs/Fri/Sat 8:30pm - 11:30pm CST
Speak with Tessaiga or Yurta in game
Needs: Mage or Spriest

Speak with the appropriate leader for more information
Each team runs independent of one another with a focus on heroic progression

Guild Rankings:
Check these sites to see our previous progress
WoWProgress- wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Nailed+It
World of Ranks- worldofranks.com/info/guild/ZyfR
Guild Ox- www.guildox.com/wow/guild/us/Mal%27Ganis/Nailed+It
WoWTrack- wowtrack.org/guild/US/Mal%27Ganis/Nailed%20It

What we expect from you:
We are looking for dedication, excellent attendance, experience, intelligence, commitment, and excellent attitude. Know your class, have a mic, show up prepared just like the rest of us. Be pleasant to raid with.

What you can expect from us:
We will raid on time and end on time. Flasks and food provided for every raid. A fun group of players to spend the evening with. A calm, fun and progressive raid environment. Fair, clear and positive leadership.

Our Goals:
We're an established raiding guild on US Mal'ganis. We're looking for positive, influential and quality players to join our different progression teams. Our focuses are on Raiding progression, RBG/PVP, and a fun atmosphere. If you'd like to enjoy your time in WoW with a fun, strong and active guild, now is your chance!

We're interested in every type of player, so please don't be intimidated if you aren't a raider! We are a very active guild, with 30-70 online at a time!

We're also seeking Raid & RBG Leaders to start/bring in their own team with added benefits of leadership. Don't start your own guild from the ground up, join us and have every resource at your fingertips! We are a very laid back guild and would enjoy your company :)

Please check: Nailedit.shivtr.com for more detailed information about our guild and different opportunities! Thanks :D
bump :)
Bump for a great group of raiders who really need one more group on Sunday!
bump, recruiting players for Our sunday group!
bump. we could really use a raid leader for out weekend group so i dont have to! :D
bump, killed a new boss this week.
bump, we'd love a few folks for our sunday night run.
bump with updates. Need a dedicated hunter and mage for our wed/thurs core.
bump with an update. need a sweet mage >.>
Update. Recruitment for RBG & Raiding core OPEN!
Need raiders for a one night team! PST!
bump :D
bump for a change in pace!
INB4 Bump.
I'd really like to talk to you. If you could add me to realid. Gabriels_Freedom@yahoo.com.

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