<Nailed It>(6/6N)Recruitment Thread!

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Bump for friends!
Bump for love
Bump for a new set of raid times!
Bump for some quality raiders.
Bump for cookies.
Any chance you guys would have room for a Holy priest (392 iLevel) in your Sunday group? I've been playing WoW since launch, was a hardcore raider for a while but now looking for something more casual.

I also have a mage that is decently geared as well.
Looking for a mage and a warrior tank that can make 2 nights a week!
bump 4 cuz we got girls in vent
Need an Ele shammy to replace the best Spacecaptain I know! :C going to miss you so much bro.

Edit: space is right, we have not one, but TWO girls in vent. WHOOOAAAA
Really looking forward to raiding with you guys!
Bump! We've got another group that needs filling!
fancy bump
Man, we could really use some more awesome nice people :3

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