Best stats for PvP?


I'm retribution spec, and I'm wondering what would be the best stats on my equipment to have for example:
-Haste rating
-Critical strike rating
What would be the best to have for PvP? I'm staying at level 84 and have locked my experience.

Crit because it affects all of our abilities.

Mastery does the most damage overall but only affects CS and TV.

If you plan on using WoG often then go Crit. If you want to be a tunnel monkey then go Mastery.
Haste is nearly useless in PVP.

Crit is okay. It's only worth considering if you're Last Word spec and you're doing arenas, even then it's not that amazing. We don't have any talents that have synergy with crit as ret.

Mastery is juicy. In arenas where you're bound to get CCed/kited more often it's less useful since you have less uptime on your target, and it only effects melee range attacks.

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