[A]Ultimate 11/16HM 25M GMT+8 LF Healers

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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<Ultimate> is a 25m raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance. We are generally Singapore based, however we have players from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia as well. We are currently looking for more players for MoP!

This is our introductory guild video


Something about ourselves

While most guilds boast to being a raiding guild since so-and-so date and have been around for however long, Ultimate has humbler beginnings. Founded as a guild simply for a group of good friends to be able to raid together, it has expanded into the massive entity that it is now, over the 4 years that it has been around. Many of its most senior members have been around long enough to say things like 'I was a tree druid before people even dared to use it'.

Something about our raids

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs/Mon 1230pm-330am Servertime ( DST IS ON ), 930pm-1230am GMT+8

We finished Cataclysm with a realm 3rd placing for 25m on Frostmourne

Current progression: 6/6HM MV 4/6HM HoF 1/4HM TOES

Who are we looking for

All Exceptional Players
Ele Shamans
1 HPally
1 Resto Druid
1 Mistweaver Monk
1 Resto Sham

If you think you are one of the exceptionally skilled and experienced players you are more than welcome to apply on http://wow-ultimate.guildomatic.com

You can also look for Xephyria, Janiiee, Scoffy, Wrathsong, Impostar in game if you have any questions or are looking for more information.

We look forward to hear from you.
We need exceptional Rogues! Where are they?
Rogues/Ele Shamans!
need the rogues!
Rogues hate us. T__T
This should definitely be our Introductory video to Ultimate...
hi im a rogue
bump for rogues
rogues where are youuuu
bump again for rogues
Hi everyone, enjoying D3 much?
Currently in need of a Resto shaman/Feral druid!

Visit http://wow-ultimate.guildomatic.com
We need Disc Priest / Feral Druid DPS now.

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