[A]Ultimate 11/16HM 25M GMT+8 LF Healers

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Currently in need of a healing priest (Disc or Holy). @____@
Disc Priest cmon cmon
Is your guild Frostmourne Oceanic??
if so then i would like to apply.
i dont have much exp besides lfr but i do consider myself an exceptional player.
Hi Xeph, Lossol here. Wonder if Nerfplsqt talked to you yesterday about me re-joining the guild. Currently i'm looking for a core 25 man raiding spot. I heard that 1 of your ret is quitting/rerolling when MoP is out. Do keep me posted. Thanks.
Lossol: we actually have 2 rets i dont think any are rerolling and raid spots is pretty competitive now i dont know your performance so I guess if you want u have to apply.

Jutaro: yes we are frostmourne oceanic, but we really dont take anyone that's not more than 6/8hm+ unless they can prove they are seriously exceptional through past raiding history/logs etc.
Hi Xeph, my dps is average only considering all my guildies are almost fully 410 geared compare to me 1 piece 410. You can refer to WoL under Tribo (Nagrand) if you want. Anyway, i will send in my application. Btw, my priest still in guild. Unless u want me to go heals! lololol
HI Chantelia,

I am form US server but based in Hong Kong. Me and my bro has been playing wow for 4 years now. I have a rogue and Dk while my bro is a Warrior - Tank/dps (used ot be our main tank in WOTLK & Cata). we where 6/8 heroics with 15% nerf but with real life issue we all had to stop raiding. We can raid anyone in US time and hence want to look for a new home. My bro is wanting to play a Monk - TANK or dps according to needs while i can play either rogue or DK in mop.

Ur raid timing are really ideal for us as after work and also we keep 90%+ attendance and dont do any mistake. DPS wise we used to beat most of the people in our guild in WOTLK and cata. We know our stuff and wont disappont people. We havent really moved as we have been staying in 1 guild till now so dont sure about the process.

Please kindly add me to - slashsandeep@hotmail.com. Would be delited to have a chat with you.
Update : Feral Druid dps, All exceptional players for mists.
Free bump
Bump for a great 25man SG-based guild on Frostmourne :)

Hi Kevin!
Hi sam.
Do you need mdps or tank atm? im 8/8H exp 25 man
We won't be in need of tanks for a long long time.
bump, need feral / boomkins with resto os for mop!

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