Healing Breaks BGs

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healing godmode... srslly.. you remove MS and leave healing untouched?? Is it any surprise that healers make or break battlegrounds.. Is this intended? Add a healing debuff to classes that need to be thrown a bone... Enhance...Arms....Spriest.... This is such a huge oversight, it really makes me wonder if any of your devs actually pvp.. Healing is absolutely broken in pvp atm when you add resil to the fact there is no effective healing debuff.. how did you not see this coming? FIx your game.
I never die and win 100% of my games.
I never die and win 100% of my games and kick kittens
You're a mage...interrupt them with counterspell, just don't let them freecast.....

If there is more than 1 healer, coordinate your cc with your team mates. Force him/her to trinket than polymorph.

When pressured, healers have a hard time keeping themselves up and those around them.
I never die, win 100% of my games and doesn't afraid of anything.
I never die, win 100% of my games and smite Dks to death even with AMS.
Nerf Super Strike.
I have more than 1 character.. just saying.. healers win games.. no other role does. Stupid.
I have more than 1 character..just saying.. healers don't win games.. no role does. Stupid.
Id love to see your pro skills take out 3 healers healing a FC in a random WSG.
Your feral is even less impressive.
DPS are perfectly capable of carrying teams, just not mentally challenged ones.

like your warlock is impressive? 1day at 85 and im like 100 rating off your arena rating.... bad pve guy.

Oh and thats carrying a hpally with 2k resil and lvl 81 wep... lol badbadpveguy
Can't tell if trolling or just stupid...
yea cos obviously arcane is THE pvp spec!! lolrating ...lolpveguy
Or both...
I never die, win 100% of my games and has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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