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Actually I don't die much in randoms or arenas. I play just about every toon (except mage) at a high level and have a decent grasp on their mechanics. I don't joke around when I say I literally smite things do death and don't die. In fact, without trying to sound too conceited, I could very well be part of the reason why people show up here so much to complain about healers. I don't know if it is a me thing or a priest thing but disc priests survival is actually really good. If you want pointers I have no problems helping out another healer learn their class.
Well lets stay away from the gear/gem/reforging options for a moment because there is more than one way to play disc. Lets focus on spec to start. I would say Inspiration and desperate prayer in the holy tree are absolute musts for any healing spec priest. In the disc tree lets take a few points out of the offensive abilities for now like evangelism and atonement and put them into the holy tree which will work your way up towards desperate prayer. Mind you I play very offensive as disc priest but my spec I tend to believe is defensive in nature for those "oh crap I have a rogue and a mage both trained on me" moments.

After that you have to start deciding how do you want to play your priest? Do you want to focus on mastery to carry you through with more dmg absorbtion and lots of instant cast spells to top you off while you run like mad or you could chose to stack haste shaving valuable time off big casts reducing a rogues chance to interrupt you. Mastery has an advantages but I prefer haste myself.

What fits your play style?
Amojan, just be glad you're not healing as a resto druid.
Mage complaining bout healers, go frost all your worries will be over, i go from full to half health in a deep freeze w/ 4800something resil & thats a good day.
04/15/2012 02:29 AMPosted by Amojan
Is there a way to approximate shammy survivability with the skills I have?

I would have to try your spec out first for a while before I could answer that question properly but at first glance I would have to say no =/
Depends how competent and geared the healer is. I've done WSG games where I pick up zerking and destroy EFC with no damage stacks with dance when he has 2 or 3 healers around him. Dem 50-60k ambushes 2 pro.
the only healer that would pose any problem is paladins. All the others are very easy to kill even disc priests.

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