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I didn't come to World of Warcraft until well into WOTLK, and I missed a lot of the early game lore. Obviously when Cata came out, the level 1-60 experience changed drastically, and I'm going through the new leveling experience on this character, but as I've done so, an idea occurred to me that's been in the back of my head for some time.

I would really love to get a group of people together and quest together, and only together. It would be a group that would meet once or twice a night, and quest through the game... all the way from 1 - 85. We would do rp dungeons as they came up, and enjoy our own personal stories as well as the game around us.

More... these characters would not be allowed to benefit from other characters on our accounts. We would be running them as if they were the first on a new server.

This would be an alliance side game, and I will go ahead and create a guild for it if enough interest is shown. I'm looking for four other players, although if there is more interest we could split into different groups so that when more than 5 man instances show up we might have a chance to run those as well.

Finally, as this is a full rp experience, all of our characters would need to have back stories before play started. We would have an introduction session where we all meet, etc.

Is anyone interested?
Possibly. When are you planning to start this event?
I've tried it many times. Everyone in the group either quits or just stops logging on and falls off the face of the Earth.

More power to you though, if it works.
I still have a character slot open I could dedicate to this. Could be fun
Depending on interest, the primary quest hub would either be Human or Dwarf. Heirlooms would not be allowed.

If I can get the interest, I'd like to get this started sometime next week, say Tuesday evening.
I've been thinking of trying this, although have been hesitant for the reasons that Bobbs stated. That said, if you want to give it a go I'd be up for it. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
04/15/2012 01:14 PMPosted by Kassandria
Heirlooms would not be allowed.

Welp, ya lost me.
04/15/2012 01:40 PMPosted by Silverheart
Heirlooms would not be allowed.

Welp, ya lost me.

This seems like an outright necessity to me. Heirlooms mean the quest zones go by far too fast, so you level past the scope of half your quest log every ten levels or so. The point of this wouldn't be to get a new 85, but rather enjoy the journey for once.

I'd be interested, but I don't have anything new I want to roll. I'd say the idea seems like the Ironman Challenge idea, too... except of course it has the things I thought were missing from that. In the Ironman thing, you couldn't use anything beyond white/grey gear- which means you never get anything cool before 85, no awesome blues from long dungeon quests etc- and you weren't allowed to work together, which defeats the purpose of an MMO entirely, doesn't it? This would be much more fun, I'd say, but like Bobbs I've seen it tried before and inevitably people give up.

That said, only way its going to work is if people don't give up. I wish you all luck. :)
Many, many people can't level without heirlooms these days. It's convenient for more than just the XP. Those are slots you don't have to replace for the entire duration of leveling. I take it one step further, I can't level without a full complement of heirlooms plus RaF bonus.

And for a lot of people it makes sense. Leveling in and of itself is not entirely interesting. And the non-heirloom pace of the zone can weigh on people's time and energy. Add to that a slower leveling speed because of RP breaks, and already painful stretches like Northrend can become even more tiresome.

It's an alright way to level, it just takes specific kind of people who won't abandon the alt. I knw I get a lot of alts abandoned even given how fast my leveling speed is. No heirlooms would just be torture.

So, all in all, good luck and have fun.
I don't mind heirlooms as a normal way to level. All the points that Zaeshural make are totally valid. The reason I am disallowing heirlooms in this, is that I don't want a prereq for being in it to have access to them. If some of us have them, and some of us don't have them, that will completely skew the leveling experience as some people level up much more quickly than others.

It's also important to know that the focus of this event would be on the rp, not on the leveling. Yes... our stories will coincide with the quests that we are currently doing... but if, as a group, we get side tracked and spend a night completely rping and not questing/dungeoning that's alright. I will of course be performing an important gm role... that of moving the game forward when it begins to drag... but this is all about story, and really all about the story of those participating. Questing is a backdrop.

Finally, the other point about people not showing up, etc. That is always a risk in an event like this. In the end, if someone doesn't show up one of two things can happen, we can look at recruiting other people, or we can chalk it up as an experience well played... and one that introduced us to new and exciting role playing friends.

I am going to list the people that have expressed interest below, so we can all see where we are at:

Kassandria: That's me! I'm obviously in.
Lavitt: Expressed possible interest
Venjin: Expressed interest
Coulburne: Expressed interest

I'm going to let this thread sit for a few days and see if more interest accumulates. By Thursday of this week (The 19th) I will make a final call on if we move forward with this. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions!



That was me expressing my interest.

I believe we're done here.((but srs, I've been wanting to try this out for a while.))
Sounds cool. I'll say I'm interested.
The updated list then:

Kassandria: That's me! I'm obviously in.
Lavitt: Expressed possible interest
Venjin: Expressed interest
Coulburne: Expressed interest
Teratwince: Interested
Ambeergale: InterestedThanks for the continued support guys!
Bump for this
Ack. I already have a drae warrior character in her teens that's kind of going along this route already. :/ (Just without a group of people.) If only I had known about this sooner...

Well, I'd like to express possible interest in any case. Might have another character idea to try this with.

EDIT: Unless you don't mind said warrior having a bit of a headstart. Personally, I wouldn't mind waiting for people to catch up to her since she's in her mid-teens. And she tanks!
I'm interested, as this sounds fun, but unfortunately, I'm going to be moving in a little over a month and might be without internet for a bit after that.

Would you mind a member joining in the party at a higher level/later time though?
I am confirming my interest
Sounds interesting. What times would you be looking at?
04/16/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Venjin
I am confirming my interest


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