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Malice is currently looking to recruit a selected few to finish off our roster and return to 25m raiding. Our main group has been farming 8/8h and our second group is 6/8h after just a few weeks. We would really like to fine tune a 25m roster prior to the release of MoP and currently plan to return to 25s by 8//7/12 at the latest.

Our raid times are 6:45-10pm server Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday.

We are actively searching for the following classes/specs.

Frost DK
Arms Warrior
Ret Pally
Enhance Shaman
Fire Mage
Destruction / Aff Warlock
Shadow Priest x 2
Resto Shaman ( pref to have a dps OS as well )

If interested, please apply at www.wowmalice.net, or if you have any questions feel free to contact Khonsu or Synec inside the game.

Thank you for your time.
04/15/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Khonsu
with the intent of reverting back to 25m raiding at the release of MoP.

Bump. Looking forward to bouncing back in MoP!
wub wub wub
Bump for selling Texas to Jobie
Bump for heroic Warmaster. I miss 25 man raiding...
Bump for a great raid group!
We need more gnomes
Bump for new raiding week.
Are you looking for a Resto. Druid by chance?
Bump for Spine progression!

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