<A> Malice (lvl 25) LFM

397/397 MS/OS. only one is dps.
While we are rather full on melee dps you are welcome to apply as blood.
Bump and note that the second group is now 6/8HM!
I'd also like to note that as we continue our push for members so that we can once again return to 25 man raiding these are the current classes and specs we are open to:

DPS Warrior x1
Unholy Death Knight x1
Mage x1
Warlock x1
Shadow Priest x1-2
Restoration Shaman x1 (Preferably with a DPS offspec)
Need moar shamans!
Transitioning back to 25s no later than August 7th!
Help, I'm looking for a bump around here.... has anyone seen one?
07/11/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Cyndaquil
Transitioning back to 25s no later than August 7th!

401ilvl Enh Shaman with 7/8HM DS exp (-spine) and 397ilvl Resto Shaman (with DPS offspec 390+ilvl) with 6/8HM DS exp (-warmaster and spine) looking for a guild. Would be very interested in joining. We will apply on your website latter this week if you still need both of us.
Still looking for said classes ^
Bump for new raid week.
I ran with Jobie the other night in a not-so-amazing Ulduar 25 achievement run. He encouraged me to apply, but I noticed you guys aren't interested in a retribution paladin at the moment.

Is there room for perhaps a bench seat? I just came back to the server this week after a 6-month hiatus. I'd love to run with a good guild, and I'd have no problem waiting around on those nights when people have to go early or don't show up. I'm also not so bad on the charts :).

Perhaps there is someone I can speak to in-game?

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