398 DK Tank & Unholy DPS LF raiding guild

- 398 DK Tank & Unholy DPS.
- LF 10 or 25 man Raiding guild.
- Extensive raiding experience going back to BC, WotLK and including 1/8 HM in Cata, but with 3/8 HM experience.

- Looking for weekday raiding, at or after 9pm server time.

- Over 21...way over...lol.
- Enjoy questing, achievements, lore and helping others.
- No real leveled alts. Committed to playing all my time on one toon (this one!)
- Can provide WoL.
- 11,975 achievement points

Please send me an in-game mail or e-mail me at redmiledk@gmail.com. <---this is NOT my RealID, so don't try to add it to your list.

Or just whisper me.

Bump. Still looking.

Here is a link to my WoL:


I log all my tanking and DPS in raids. Normal, HMs and LFR. Most of my DPS numbers are from LFR, as I normally solo tank all of DS, except for some fights that require 2 tanks.
Bump. Still looking.

Logged off tonight in my DPS gear.
Bump for the start of the week.


At this point, with the upcoming 20% nerf, I'm just looking for a guild where I can come in and tank once in a while. Prefer something at or after 9pm or 10pm server time.
We start at 8 server. But doesn't look like anyone else is really interested.


End of an expansion...has to be expected. Kinda sucks.

It's a shame that there aren't more guilds on this server that raid at or after 10pm server time. There HAS to be a demand for it. I can't be the only only one.

Stupid mountain time zone, that I live in!
Hey Redmile,

I'll be moving a guild over to Stormrage this coming week and will be looking for a DK tank starting the 15th of the month. We're 3/8 HM and raid Tues-Thurs from 10pm-1am server time. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me a mail in-game and I'll get back to you soon.

Hey Redmile

I don't know if you've found a guild yet but we could use you at Bane. We raid Mon, Tues, Wed from 9:30-1am. Put in an app at banegaming.com and pst me in game.
Hello Redmile,
I know we interviewed a couple weeks ago. You liked me, I liked you ...magic just didn't happen because of our raid times :(. I was just wondering things have changed and our times might be ok for you now. We are still raiding Tues and Wed 9-12 server. Pst in game if interested.
Hello everyone.

I appreciate the offers, but I have found a guild that fits the times and progression I am looking for. <Regicide>

Thanks again!

We are currently 6/8 HM in our 10 and 25 man raids. Our raid times are tues-thurs, 8pm-12 thursday being sometimes if we have the people and are progressing, but if something ever comes up we can replace your spot so you dont have to make WoW a job itself. We currently have been having 25 man raiding issues due to Diablo 3 release and attendance so we have been running 2-10 mans which always go 6/8 and currently both groups working on heroic spine then madness. We really need good healers and prefer ranged caster dps but we will try anybody that knows fights including tanks. If you are interested you can contact anyone in Dominion and they will let GM or one of our officers know. Or u can add me and just pst me anytime I am on. Would love to have you join us and compete with our amazing and fun players. But we know numbers are not everything.



Email for real id: cb558781@yahoo.com

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