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Moon Guard
"There is no substitute for victory in the Redridge Brigade. We Redridgian’s, who bleed blue and yellow, have known nothing more than the irrefutable service to the King, to his city, and his people. Today is the day we lift our swords, and honor the work of our forefathers. Today is the day we take back our homeland of Redridge from the pilfering Blackrock Orcs, and from the decisively vulgar and cruel Shadowhide Gnolls. Today is the day we take responsibility for the future of this rich red soil that has offered us nothing but its affections."

~Captain Joelarshan Horatio, addressing the people of Lakeshire.


The Lakeridge Estate was once that of great pride for the denizens of Lakeshire. Before Lakeridge Highway was overrun by gnolls and orcs, the road led all the way to the looming Estate, which was always complemented by a blazing golden sun. Lakeridge Estate had been home to generation after generation of House Horatio members.

The Lakeridge Estate was erected by Lord Albanus Balfour Horatio, a grand warrior and Knight of Stormwind. He and his wife, Lady Cecilia Rayne-Horatio saw to its creation and lived in it for many years, along with their children, Scholar Cletus Damion Horatio and Lady Edweena Horatio-Lightgaard. They were benefactors of the Redridge Brigade, as well of strong supporters of Lakeshire in general. They often rented out minor cottages on the estate to the penniless of Lakeshire, and assisted the people of Redridge in any form that they could.

Upon entering the First War, Lakeridge Highway was frequented by soldiers going to and fro. The Estate served as a convalescent home to the wounded men and women fighting for Stormwind.

After Stonewatch Keep was taken over by the orcs, the Highway fell into misuse, and eventually it became overrun with gnolls. The people of Lakeshire stopped frequenting the estate, and soon the militia stopped patrolling it in general, seeing as they were losing too many men to the gnolls. House Horatio was forced into hiring its own separate brigade to patrol Lakeridge Highway and Estate.

Thus, The Redridge Brigade was born! The Brigade promised warmth, food, and money to those who joined its ranks. Not only did the Brigade protect Lakeridge, it patrolled Redridge in its entirety, and soon merged ranks with Lakeshire’s miltia.

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Quick Contact List
Captain Joel Horatio (Joelarshan)
Lady Matilde Claurice-Horatio (Matilde)
Sir Bredegan Renn (Bredegan)
What does <The Redridge Brigade> offer?

  • That brand-new guild smell!
  • We represent a brigade of the Stormwind military, adherent to all aspects of Stormwind Lore, supplemented with concepts from medieval culture.
  • We're a sister guild to <The First Regiment> and the <Westfall Brigade>.
  • We organize cooperative roleplay with our sister guilds and our assorted Alliance allies.
  • Immersion is the name of the game! We march and sail for days, deploy for months, build bases, fortify strongholds, and strive to maintain in-character continuity while bringing RP to Redridge and places outside of Stormwind (both near and far).
  • We've begun participating in RP-PvP events organized between cooperative Alliance and Horde guilds.
  • We offer a mature, family-friendly out-of-character community with no tolerance for drama.

  • Out-of-Character Expectations


    Requirements for Recruitment

  • We accept humans, dwarves, and gnomes of any level.
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, with a friendly and mature OOC outlook.
  • Willingness to RP-PvP and PvP in battlegrounds to aquire components of RP uniform.
  • If you wish to join <The Redridge Brigade>, you must complete a brief application on our guild website's forums.

    Application Link: http://redridgebrigade.shivtr.com/forums/502824
    Reserved for possible future use.
    Reserved for possible future use.
    Sane living people! Hee. Have an endorsement!

    *Puts her arms out, makes a whooshing noise, and runs off.*
    "Stamp of approval"
    Sane living people! Hee. Have an endorsement!
    *Puts her arms out, makes a whooshing noise, and runs off.*

    Oh stop it, you. <3

    04/16/2012 08:21 AMPosted by Ravendane
    "Stamp of approval"

    Why, t'ank you! :D

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