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The following is an open letter from Lorekeeper Dralosa:

To our vaunted and esteemed allies in the Grand Alliance,

My people and I were blessed recently with a visit by the High Commander Kerdic Lothinil of the League of Lordaeron. Though I have received the High Commander into our home and similarly been given hospitality in his on many occasions, this particular visit will surely never leave the halls of my memory for as long as I draw breath. I wish to share the story so as to further safeguard its memory.

The High Commander came to us with a rumor that had rapidly swept over the Eastern Kingdoms by way of Kalimdor. He sought confirmation that the Exodar was no longer in a state of disrepair and that, as a vessel capable of ascending the Nether, it was to be flown once more.

Yes, I replied, albeit reluctantly. The Exodar is, ostensibly, restored to its purpose. His face inscrutably responded to my admission with neither a congratulatory remark nor awe. Perplexed, I looked deeper. Not at our guest, but within myself. Why did the news that the Exodar regain function embitter me so? Why did a tinge of remorse touch my tongue when I spoke of it? It suddenly dawned on me as I stared at the ageing but resolute face of one of my most trusted allies - because we Draenei could now leave, if we truly wanted to.

Briefly my gaze left Kerdic's face to look upon my brethren standing near me. A memory is etched onto every face of my kin. On some faces I see Argus, our long lost and almost forgotten home. On other faces I see planets that we never named yet whose sorrow leaves an indelible mark all the same. Some faces show the plains of Farahlon before they were consumed by the Nether. Some show Karabor as it fell to calamity. Every face is a reminder of tragedy. Every face here is a cry for justice, I thought.

But then I turned back to Sir Lothinil's face and recognised the exact same thing. The loss of his Kingdom, his home, possibly even loved ones he has never spoken of in the to and fro of political discourse with me. It almost knocked me to the floor when he then said that he would not blame us for leaving and taking our fight to the Legion. 'Although no one speaks of it openly', he said, 'The lifespan of a Draenei could potentially make it seem like our problems are.. petty, in a way. For beings who've lived for millenia, I am sure the rise and fall of kingdoms must seem.. menial--insignificant.'

'No'. I replied, firmly. 'We would be no friends at all if we turned away from your suffering. You, after all, took our people into the Grand Alliance. We could have been left to rot in the vales of Azuremyst were it not for the Humans, The Kaldorei… all of our allies. Our friends. I am in accord with the Prophet. We shall not abandon our allies.'

As soon as the declaration left my throat I felt the collective hum of agreement ascend from every brother and sister flanking me. Azeroth has many faces etched with tragedy. But it is a world imbued with hope, and its inhabitants possess a great destiny. I dream of the day my people live free from peril upon land that we collectively own with our allies. I look forward to the sight of a child's face unmarred by tragedy.

So the Exodar is repaired. To where, then, would we go? Endlessly skirting the nightmare of the void in the pursuit of justice?

No, my friends. Justice is here.

It is on Azeroth. It is under the banner of the Grand Alliance. We are duty bound now, more than ever, to see peace for us all.

- Lorekeeper Dralosa

Website: http://shanash.enjin.com

<The Sha'nash> is a Draene-centric guild level 25 guild with a primary focus on RP-PvP. We supplement RP-PVP campaigns with regular RP events throughout the week. We have regular contact with the Horde, so there are plenty of opportunities to participate in cross-faction events, as well as small scale cross faction roleplay.

Currently, there are no level restrictions for those who with to enter the Sha'nash. We only ask that you have an interest in Draenei lore and enjoy the prospect of RP-PVP. Our roleplaying hub is situated in Shattrath, on the Aldor Rise. We are currently hoping to bring back more RP to the world of Outland.

1. Is your guild Draenei exclusive?

For the most part? Yes. We do, however, have limited openings for members of other races to serve as Ambassadors and cultural advisors for their people, religion, or organizations. If you think that your character has a desire to work with the Sha'nash, then please contact an officer OOCly to determine whether or not a position is available for your character.

2. Do you accept Death Knights?

Redemption and rehabilitation are pretty big themes for our Order, as is inclusion, tolerance, and understanding. There are many Draenei in the Sha'nash who walk 'alternate paths', be it Shamanism, the Auchenai sect, and such. So the short answer is 'yes'.

3. Do I have to be a PvPer?

We are a military Order and PvP is an important aspect of our Guild. While PvP is not mandatory to be included in our guild and our regular RP events, please be advised that our major storylines involve conflict/war campaigns with Horde guilds and RP-PvPers will be given priority in these campaigns if slots are an issue. Considering that PvP losses have IC consequences for our storylines and characters, we require our participants to be correctly geared, gemmed, enchanted, and ready to take OOC instruction.

We are currently recruiting for our weekly RBG team. If you have questions about our RBG team, please contact Arloth.

If you wish to get any more information, want an interview, or simply want to chat for any reason, feel free to contact Dralosa, Dafe, Maeorra, Nhadiya, Arloth, Anzhela, or Glyllena.

Also, if you happen to see these three sexy ladies in a bar fight in Stormwind, DO NOT ENGAGE!:

Reserved because of reasons.
Also, our guild is currently following this (apparently) Shattrath-wide storyline:

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Reserved because of reasons.

Sexy reasons. Aww yeah.
This guild is full of win, and purple, but mostly win.
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OH GOD! You put up that picture that I edited!!!OH GOD!

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And I'm still the first orc in the thread. Awwwwww YEah.

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OH GOD! You put up that picture that I edited!!!OH GOD!

Honey, does my !@# look fat in this recruitment thread?
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